Travel Agencies

Preferred Travel Agencies

Penn's Preferred travel agency partners provide a wide range of travel services to Penn travelers.

World Travel, used most widely by Penn travelers, provides support for the Concur on-line booking engine. You can also call 24/7 to speak to a live agent at any time to make your reservations, make changes or get help when unexpected circumstances arise on the road. With the combination of on-line booking, expense management and 24/7 live agent assistance, Concur and World Travel make travel and expenses a seemless end-to-end process for the majority of Penn travelers.  Click HERE for Penn Specific Information on World Travel

Premier Travel is also a well-established Penn Preferred Partner. They are a full-service agency, offering traditional, off-line assistance via telephone with their office staff during normal business hours.Click HERE for Penn specific information on Premier Travel


Best Practice:

Use the preferred services of Concur on-line booking backed by World Travel agent support for best rates and 24/7 assistance.