Missing Mail and Packages - Students

Delivery of mail or packages processed through the U.S. Postal Service begins when Penn Mail Services picks up at the main U.S. Post Office for Philadelphia. Penn Mail delivers to the College House mail/package rooms which Housing Services manages.

Below is the information you need to direct your query when your expected mail or package has not been delivered to you:

  • If you are tracking USPS priority mail, please allow¬†four (4)¬†days for delivery from the date received in the USPS tracking system.
  • Mailroom locations and hours
    • Please pick up packages promptly. Packages not picked up within 5 business days will be returned to sender
    • Students should contact the mailroom in their building or send email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will investigate the matter.
  • Refer to Correctly Addressed Mail to ensure that your mail takes advantage of USPS scanning and automation for speedier delivery to campus.