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Economic Inclusion

Engaging Locally is one of the main components of the Penn Compact, President Amy Gutmann's vision of the future for Penn. As the largest private employer in the City of Philadelphia and the second largest private employer in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Penn is using its considerable purchasing and construction capacity, as well as its academic expertise, to encourage local business growth, empower diversity and women business owners, provide women and minorities with greater access to the skilled and higher-paying trades, and create jobs.

Business Services supports Penn's commitment to economic inclusion by engaging diversity owned and local community based suppliers in the procurement process at Penn. With support from senior management, community and political leaders, Purchasing Services has leveraged the University's buying power, its knowledge assets, resources, and commitment to social responsibility to provide business opportunities for local community based suppliers and job growth among neighborhood residents.

Local Community Business Program

Launched in 1986, the Local Community Business Program is designed to pursue business opportunities for local community businesses, on a direct supplier basis or in strategic partnerships with major regional and national firms, including participation in the Penn Marketplace, Penn's private online supplier exchange.

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