Watch Your Waste

Join Penn Dining’s Watch Your Waste Campaign and learn how you can help reduce landfill volume. We will be rolling out this campaign over the next few weeks – but here are four simple things you can do!

Step One: Meet the "Flagrant Five"

  • Over 90% off all items used by Penn Dining are recyclable, but there are a few items that must go to landfill. We call these the "Flagrant Five"  - chopsticks, coffee stirs, condiment packs, straws and napkins. To help reduce landfill volume, either don’t use or minimize your use of these items.

Step Two: Manage your Food Waste

  • For the Farm - At our residential cafes diners are asked to scrape their food waste after they finish. This waste is then composted and turned into animal feed for our local farmers.  Anything other than food scraps – including items such as napkins, paper, miscellaneous trash, etc. – ruins the rest of the container sending it to landfill rather than the farm.
  • Don’t Foul the Bin – Penn Dining’s to-go containers are all recyclable, but your leftover fries are not. Putting food scraps in the recycle bin, fouls the bin. Putting recyclable food containers in the trash adds unnecessary volume to the landfill. Separate your leftover food from its container whenever possible!

Step Three: “Take All You Want, Eat All You Take

  • Just because there’s room left on the plate, doesn’t mean there’s room left in your appetite. Work with us to eliminate food waste by taking only what you’re craving, and then finishing it.
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