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The Dish on Chefs Vinnie and Chris

"It was while I was traveling internationally with my dance group. While in Central America, I had the opportunity to try a wide variety of cuisines. It was during this time that a curiosity in food grew into a true passion for the culinary arts."  Chef Chris, Campus Executive Chef at Penn, discusses his early dance career and discovering a passion for the culinary arts.

Chef Chris' Bio and

"When you’re new in the kitchen, you’re going off recipes mostly. I would say read the whole recipe, all the steps, before starting. Don’t read the first few steps and just get started. Get all your ingredients together, be prepared. Mise en place is critical." Chef Vinnie, head chef of Hill House, shares his best kitchen tips as he prepares to demonstrate an Italian dinner for two at Quaker Kitchen on February 9th.

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Read an Interview with our Chefs

“I love cooking and I wanted to be around people. My mother taught me how to cook, that was the best training. Other than that, I didn’t work anywhere before Penn. I’ve been right here for 47 years.” Chef Deb Day, head chef of KCECH, and Chef Mitch Prensky , Executive Chef of Culinary Innovation, talk everything from training to oxtail and fugu as they prepare to demonstrate a recipe from Chef Day's kitchen at Quaker Kitchen on December 1st.

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In the New York Times

This is cafeteria food that you actually want to eat, food that deserves to be served with wine..."
Mark Bittman, food columnist for the New York Times talks about his recent visit to Kings Court English House's dining facility and how Penn's dining halls are at the forefront of college dining services.

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Read Local Philadelphia News

Beefsteak Comes to Penn's Campus (June 2016)

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In College Rank

Penn ranks 6th in 50 best College Dining Experiences (Spring 2016)

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In the DP

Sept. 7, 2015. Pure Fare expands gluten-free, organic food options by Jeffrey Careyva

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Aug.30, 2015. What does #PennCrave? Students tell Penn Dining what food is on their minds by Jeffrey Careyva

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In the Daily Meal

Aug. 25, 2015 Penn maintain its place in the list of top University dining program

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