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Apple Volume Software Purchases

For Apple branded software titles such as OS X, Aperture, iWork, etc.

  • Visit the ecommerce.apple.com web site.
  • Under Mac Software, select "Apple Volume Licensing".
  • Choose the products that you would like to buy.
    • If you wish to pay using a purchase order, click "Send Proposal". This will allow you to buy licenses as you would buy other items from Apple using a purchase order.
    • If you wish to pay using a Procurement Card click Checkout. Select "Procurement Card".
  • Once you have selected your method of payment, you will receive fulfillment in the form of an email containing a Voucher Number.
  • Once you receive your Voucher Number, visit the Volume Purchase Program for Education site.
  • You now can click on the "Redeem Voucher" link on the right hand side. That will get you to the page where you can actually get your software order fulfilled through a download.

If you need assistance with your volume license purchase, please call Apple representative Wendi Mote at 512.674.6818 or mote@apple.com.

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