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Microsoft Software Licenses for Departments

Image - Microsoft Windows 4 color logo, with the word Microsoft in gray textUniversity of Pennsylvania departments can acquire licenses through the Microsoft Select Volume Licensing Program. This program offers new features and benefits that are detailed at Office of Software Licensing website.

Microsoft Select License Pricing and Part Number Reference Guides
Updated February 8, 2019.

Top Selling Licenses:

79P-05747 Office ProPlus 2019 Win $67.93

3YF-00667 Office Standard 2019 Mac $55.13
021-10627 Office Standard 2019 Win $55.13

H30-05848 Project Pro 2019 Win $139.05
076-05847 Project Standard 2019 Win $82.76

D87-07517 Visio Pro 2019 Win $70.98
C5E-01330 Visual Studio Pro 2017 Win $66.91

FQC-09552 Windows 10 Pro Upg Win $58.62

Top Selling Media:

79P-2016S-64 Office Standard 2016 64-bit Win $27.00
021-10112 Office Standard 2013 Win $27.00

79P-2016-64 Office Pro Plus 2016 64-bit Win $27.00
79P-2016-32 Office Pro Plus 2016 32-bit Win $27.00
79P-04381 Office ProPlus 2013 Win $27.00

3YF-00002 Office Standard 2016 Mac $27.00

076-2016 Project 2016 Standard Win $27.00
076-05146 Project 2013 Standard Win $27.00

H30-2016P Project Pro 2016 Win $27.00
H30-03768 Project Pro 2013 Win $27.00

D87-2016P Visio Pro 2016 Win $27.00
D87-05458 Visio Pro 2013 Win $27.00

FQC-06047 Windows 10 Professional $27.00
FQC-05024 Windows Pro 7 64-Bit w/ SP1 $27.00

Procedure for Acquiring Microsoft Select Licenses

Microsoft Select Licenses are available to departments of the University of Pennsylvania and departments of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  

Microsoft Select Licenses require the use of special Select Media, as opposed to media acquired from Microsoft Worldwide Fulfillment or a boxed product.  Be certain you already have or are ordering Select Media with Select licenses as any other media type will not work.

Valid forms of payment for Select Licenses and Media include Purchase Orders, Requisitions, and Penn Procurement cards. In most cases, in-store purchases can be filled immediately.  Licenses may also be delivered at the department's request.

Five steps to purchasing a Select License:

  • Find the part number of the product(s) you would like to purchase in the reference sheets above.  (Note: First time license purchasers will need to acquire Select Media.)
  • If paying with a Purchase Order, reference the part number on the PO and submit to the Computer Connection.
  • If paying by Requisition or ProCard, come into the store to place your order. In most cases, in store transactions can be fulfilled immediately.
  • Upon receipt of the license, you are required to fill out the top copy of the licensing form and return it to the Office of Site Licensing.
  • The license form you receive will have all applicable license keys ready for immediate use.

These institutional software license products can be purchased by schools, centers, and departments of the University of Pennsylvania and Penn Health System with institutional funds. These licensed software products may not be used for commercial purchases. They cannot be resold. All sales of license products are final.

Licenses and media kits are sold separately.

If you have any questions about the program, please contact our Departmental Orders desk at 215-898-0889 or the Office of Software Licensing at 215-573-3587.

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