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PennRides en Route

In order to better serve its patrons, Penn Transit has installed GPS/AVL tracking in all Penn buses and shuttles. This system allows riders to obtain real-time information about the locations and estimated times of arrival (ETA) of Penn Transit vehicles operating on fixed routes. PennRides en Route also features traffic alerts, such as emergency route or schedule changes.

You can access PennRides en Route from the free mobile app called PennRides on Request, which is available for download from the App Store and Google Play.  You will need your PennKey and password to log in.  Once you reach the landing page, click the 'en Route' tab at the bottom of your screen to view the information about the fixed-route transit services.  

PennRides en Route information is also accessible at www.upenn.edu/pennrides via any web browser.

When users visit PennRides en Route from their desktop or mobile device, they readily have access to several features to help them maximize their experience using Penn Transit’s services.  These benefits include:

- A real-time live view of vehicle locations when they are operating along their scheduled routes;

- Announcements pertinent to riders regarding emergency route or schedule modifications due to inclement weather;

- The ability to receive an estimated time of a vehicle’s arrival; and,

- Vehicle stop, pickup, and route information along with visibility to the areas supported by Penn’s Walking Escort Program.

Penn Transit has a free rideshare mobile app that brings Penn's on-demand transit services such Penn Evening Shuttles to your mobile device.  By using this new mobile app, riders can request their ride or even schedule one in advance.  Once the ride request has been submitted via the app, users can then follow their assigned vehicle until it arrives at its intended location.

The app is available in the Apple Store and Google Play.  You will need a Penn Key to use the app. 

Vehicles running on Penn Bus East and West, the FMC Tower Shuttle, Charters, and Penn Rowing can be viewed on your desktop or smart device when these transit services are operating.

PennRides en Route shows mapping of service routes for travel planning and displays vehicles only when transit services are operating.  For hours of operation of all of the services offered by Penn Transit, click here.  

There are two ways you can access PennRides en Route.  You can elect to download the free mobile application called PennRides on Request, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.  You will need a valid PennKey and password to log in to the app. Once you reach the main screen of the app, click on the 'en Route' tab found along the bottom of screen to view the real-time interactive map showing the fixed-route transit services. This app provides you access to information about both the fixed-route and on-demand bus and shuttle services offered by Penn Transit.

Another option open to passengers is visiting www.upenn.edu/pennrides to access PennRides en Route.

This ‘traffic light’ icon shows viewers the traffic congestion in the area.  The red lines along the routes indicate areas of congestion. 

When turned on, the button called Map shows the street view while the Satellite view is an overhead picture of the area.  When the Satellite view is on, you have the option to select ‘Labels.’ This selection allows the viewer to see known landmarks like The Palestra and the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

The Pennovation Works Shuttle is an on-demand service.  If you are a current user of the PennRides on Request mobile app, you can click the 'on Request' tab at the bottom of your screen to begin the process to submit your ride request to Pennovation Works. 

If you have not downloaded the free mobile app, visit the App Store or Google Play.  Once the app is installed on your mobile device, log in using your PennKey and password to begin your ride request.

Ride requests may also be made by contacting 215-898-RIDE/7433.

Penn Rides en Route's Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) feature is applicable to only transit vehicles operating on fixed routes.  Unfortunately, this technology cannot provide an ETA for those individuals who have called the Walking Escort Program for service. 

If you use PennRides en Route on your mobile device or your desktop, you can access the real-time interactive map service on the PennRides on Request mobile application.  You will need your PennKey and password to download the free app from either the App Store or Google Play.  Once you enter the app upon successfully logging in with your credentials, click on the en Route tab at the bottom of your screen to access PennRides on Request.  The map is also accessible at www.upenn.edu/pennrides.   Simply click on the list icon next to the name of the transit route found in the left-hand navigation.  A screen will open that provides route and schedule information.