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Penn Accessible Transit

Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) is a ride service offered on weekdays for persons with disabilities.  To obtain pre-approval to use PAT, contact the Office of Affirmative Action if you are faculty or staff. Students should contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services.

Once on the Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) list, you have two options to make a ride request.

1. You can use the free PennRides on Request mobile application, which is available on the App Store and Google Play.  You will need your PennKey and password to log in.  When you reach the main landing page, simply click the 'start' tab along the bottom of the screen to begin to input the requested information.   

2. Call 215-898- RIDE/7433, provide your last name, your location (please offer a specific address), and your destination. Once you have placed the call, please watch for the shuttle to arrive.

Penn faculty and staff may follow the Penn Accessible Transit Guidelines administered by the Office of Affirmative Action at 215-898-6993. Penn students should call Office of Student Disabilities Services at 215-573-9235. You will be asked questions about your health situation and request a doctor's confirmation. They will then call the Penn Accessible Transportation dispatcher and place you on the PAT list. In most cases, they will include an end date for use of the service. After that date, if you still need the service, you will need to call the respective offices again to renew.

Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) riders are permitted a maximum of four (4) one-way rides per day unless prior approval is obtained from the OAA/EOP or Student Disabilities (SDS) at least (24) hours in advance.

From 6:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m., the accessible shuttle service is available to people who have met the criteria to be placed on the Penn Accessible Transit (PAT) list.

SEPTA offers the Customized Community Transportation (CCT) Connect Service. This service operates within the five-county SEPTA region. For information and to register, call 215-580-7145.