FAQs Commuter FAQs

Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty and staff can take advantage of receiving a discounted SEPTA monthly pass with pre-tax savings when participating in the Penn Commuter Program.  As a current Key cardholder, please follow these steps to place your monthly commuter order with Health Equity/WageWorks:

- Register your Key Card with SEPTA at www.septakey.org, if you have not already done so. 

- Retrieve your card’s Card Reference ID (this is NOT the card number listed on the front-face of your Key Card).  Visit www.septakey.org and click on My Account, Card Options to obtain your card’s unique number.  Make a record of this ID number or use your computer’s copy/paste functions to paste the number directly into your WageWorks account to ensure the integrity of the number.  This number links your Key Card to your monthly commuter order.

 - Log in to your Health Equity/WageWorks account to place your SEPTA ComPass Key Card commuter order. Once you successfully place your commuter order, your monthly transit pass will be directly loaded onto your SEPTA Key Card. 

Note – commuter orders for the next monthly cycle must be filed by the 10th of the month prior to the intended start in the Penn Commuter Program.