FAQs Commuter FAQs


Commuters have a few options from which to choose as to how to purchase as-needed commuting fare products:

Commuter Transit Debit Card

Full-time, benefits-eligible faculty staff can use their commuter benefits via Health Equity to obtain a commuter transit debit card.  Once your commuter order becomes available, commuters can then transfer funds on the debit card onto your SEPTA Key's Travel Wallet.  This option will result in a five percent pretax savings off of the retail price of three-day passes.

Using the Travel Wallet funds you have loaded onto your SEPTA Key Card, commuters can choose from a few fare products for as needed commuting:  a three-day convenience pass and a three-day independence pass.  

SEPTA Key Card

Effective October 20, 2022, commuters will have the options to buy as-needed passes that are available on a SEPTA Key card.  Read more.


Questions related to fare products  should be directed to SEPTA Key Customer Service at 855-567-37282.

For questions regarding placing a new commuter order or updating an existing one, please call Health Equity at 1-877-924-3967 and follow the prompts.





Penn Parking provides covered bike parking - free of charge - in two garages, plus there are bike racks throughout campus.  You can also register your bike for free with Penn Police. Click here to access information about the many ways biking is supported at Penn.

Vanpools are groups of 7 - 15 commuters who share the costs for a leased van.  Vanpools at Penn are supported with free parking and start-up funding. Vanpools are operated in partnership with vRide.  Eligible faculty and staff can sign up to make pre-tax contributions and to receive a subsidy to pay for vanpool costs.  Visit wwww.upenn.edu/penncommuter if you would like more information.

Penn is accessible by foot, bike as well as by SEPTA, the Philadelphia's regional transit system of trains, buses, subways, and trolleys; making it easy to commute to and from campus without your own vehicle. Penn's Departments of Transportation and Parking provides alternative modes of transportation in support of Penn's Climate Action Plan and the Green Campus Partnership.

To learn more about Penn Transit's integrated system, visit Navigating Penn Transit.