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Important information regarding SEPTA's retirement of the monthly commuter paper passes

The following message was sent to Penn Commuters on Wednesday, August 12, 2020.

Dear Penn Commuters,

Please be reminded that SEPTA’s legacy magnetic-stripe paper passes have been retired as the September monthly passes will be the last transit fare paper products distributed by mail. Commuters who currently place a monthly paper pass order with Health Equity/WageWorks must transition to a SEPTA Key Card no later than Thursday, September 10  to have your October commuter benefits continue uninterrupted.  All current paper pass recipients should have received transition instructions in their monthly mailer from SEPTA.

Converting to the SEPTA Key reloadable transit fare card requires a three-step process:

Instructions from SEPTA and Health Equity/WageWorks to guide you through the process are found here. 

Please know that the SEPTA Key and Commuter Pass Programs are managed by SEPTA and Health Equity, respectively. However, we are providing the following tips that you may find helpful as you navigate their processes:

  • There are some charges associated with getting a SEPTA Key card. There is a card registration fee of $4.95.  Also, to activate your new card, you will need to add funds to your card in the minimum amounts of either $1, if activating at a Fare Kiosk, or $5, if activating in person at any SEPTA Sales Office. The total amount will be credited to your SEPTA Travel Wallet. SEPTA has advised us that funds in the wallet can then be used to purchase a weekly pass, ten-trip tickets, or pay as you go for the days you will be commuting that month.
  • It is critical that you write down the Card Reference ID number. This number is not on the face of your physical SEPTA Key Card. Instead, it is found on the “My Account” page on the SEPTA Key website.  You need to enter this number during the Health Equity’ online process that is necessary to switch your paper pass to the SEPTA Key (see next step).  Note: although you should write the number down, the safest and most accurate way to capture the number is to use your computer’s copy/paste functions to paste the number directly into your Health Equity account to ensure the integrity of the number.  
  • You must log in to your Health Equity account in order to complete the transfer of your commuter transit order from physical paper pass to a SEPTA Key card.  Health Equity will load your monthly transit fare product onto the key card.  Reminder – commuter orders for the next monthly cycle must be filed by the 10th of the month prior to the intended use.

If you have any questions about the outlined SEPTA Key card registration process, please contact SEPTA directly at 1-855-56-SEPTA (1-855-567-3782) or Health Equity/WageWorks at 1-877-924-3967 and follow the prompts.   

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