About News and Announcements

Please review the changes and current guidelines below to keep your parking account up-to-date and in compliance with the guidelines of Penn Parking.

New for July 1, 2019:

  • Hangtags will no longer expire.
    • All permit holders will receive a new hangtag to utilize year to year as they maintain an account in good standing with Penn Parking. 
    • The cost to obtain a replacement credential is $65.
    • Open Lot hangtags must be returned to the parking office to stop payroll deductions. If lost, the replacement fee must be paid and hangtags will be coded as Lost/Stolen to prevent further usage. Never use a Lost/Stolen hangtag to prevent costly fees and towing. If hangtag is found, please return to the Parking Office immediately.
  • Student parking is available at the garage located at 40th and Walnut Streets.  
  • Monthly permits may be purchased for a minimum of one month.
    • The cost of parking may not be prorated for less than a one-month stay.
    • Please request VIP parking passes if staying for less than a four-week period.
  • Beginning July 1, any tickets and violations received will need to be paid before conducting further parking transactions with Penn Parking.
    • If you are a permit holder with an unpaid violation, this will hinder permit renewals, purchases for specialty parking, even credential replacement.
    • Non-permit holders will no longer be able to purchase VIP, Occasional Parking, or other services should they have an unpaid balance with Penn Parking.

Things to remember:

  • Hangtags must be completely visible to avoid ticketing.
    • All permit holders must display hangtags when parking on campus.
  • To cancel parking, all credentials (hangtag, access card, AVI device) must be returned to the Transportation and Parking Office in order to stop payroll deductions.
    • Credit card payments can be prorated weekly after the one month minimum is fulfilled.
    • Garage/lot assignments are only held for permit holders who cancel their parking due to medical leave. Proper verification is necessary upon return in order to reactivate your assignment.
  • Any person with ambulatory difficulty requiring special parking arrangements must first contact the Office of Affirmative Action.
    • Affirmative action will contact Parking Services on your behalf, with documentation and approval for special parking.
      • Please visit our office to pick up your temporary credentials. Parking Services does not print accessible parking hangtags.
  • Permit holders are reminded that their parking accounts must be up-to-date with a current email address to receive notifications.
    • Please login to verify and update your parking account.
      • Verify that the phone numbers and contact information are correct as it may be necessary for Penn Parking to contact permit holders by phone.
      • Always make sure parking@upenn.edu is on your safe list to avoid emails being directed to spam.
  • Continue to visit www.upenn.edu/parking for up-to-date information about parking, transportation, and other important announcements. Also, check the FAQs for answers to your questions.