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Spirion Identity Finder Enterprise Edition helps to reduce the risk of loss of sensitive data and identity theft by locating and securing personal information. Social Security Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Bank Accounts, Passwords, and Dates of Birth located in your program files, e-mails, databases, websites, and web browser data can be secured on local drives, network drives, and servers.

Eligibility and Terms

Licensed to:

The software is licensed to University of Pennsylvania departments for installation on departmental computers.  A license must be purchased for all user accounts on the server.

A new license is purchased initially, and annual maintenance payments made thereafter.

License Year:

November 1 through October 31


Windows, Linux, or Macintosh


 Identity Finder is available to the end-user via PennBox.


Departments purchasing Identity Finder must renew the annual license in order to continue using the software. Current maintenance entitles you to free upgrades and patches throughout the license year.

Client Software can be deployed directly to desktops and laptops, allowing individual users to find and protect their personal information and secure potentially dangerous data in compliance with Penn’s Social Security Number and Information Security policies.

Spirion Identity Finder Monitoring Console is a centralized repository for analyzing personally identifiable information from across your environment and verifying that users take action to clean their systems and reduce risk. Administrators can analyze their total risk by generating reports or analyzing results in real time. Determine the most common file and location types that contain identifiable information, which users or systems pose the highest risk, and who has not taken any action to remediate unsecured information.

License Key:

 The license key is renewed each November and made available on PennBox.  


For support, visit the Spirion Support Portal.


User Guides and other resources can be found on the Spirion Knowledge, Support, and Documentation page.

Additional Information:

Spirion now offers an updated product suite.  If you use it and want OSL to explore volume pricing, click here or click the "Tell Us What You Use" button on our home page.