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Safety & Security

The Department of Residential Services works closely with the Division of Public Safety to insure the safety and security of residents in the College Houses and Sansom Place. Residential safety and security integrates exacting procedures, trained personnel, state of the art equipment, database management, educational programs, and messaging. Contract guard staff, card swipe stations, and mechanical and optical turnstiles are essential elements of the residential security program.

The residential access database is managed at Public Safety in collaboration with Residential Services and accommodates low
occupancy periods, closed buildings, special populations, and changing access times and needs.

Other features of residential perimeter security include strategic placement of video cameras and monitors, electronic door alarms and sensors, lighting, and other security enhancements.

A process is underway to add contactless card capabilities to room and building door locks over the next several years. Contactless cards will enable residents to use their PennCards to unlock their room doors and to access community spaces in their college houses. The ability to manage access controls through data will greatly enhance both resident convenience and security in the residential system.