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Residential Services Advisory Board


The Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) seeks to connect students that have a vested interest in the workings of university housing and residential aspects of campus life with Business Services and Residential Services, with the ultimate goal of generating discussion and initiatives that benefit all parties. The board's purview shall include: 
  • Discussion of issues related to the work done by the Residential Services department of Business Services.
  • Specifically addressing the occupant's perspective on university housing with the goal of best representing the diverse student voice characteristic of Penn.
  • Responding to the changing student needs over time and connecting those students to the university through their residential experience.
  • Working towards the goal of creating a premier residential system.

Why You Should Know About Us

The Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) serves the residents of the University of Pennsylvania’s College Houses and Sansom Place. The RSAB provides a forum through which residents can engage in dialogue and initiatives that affect all residential aspects of campus life.

Our mission is to connect students that have a vested interest in the workings of university housing and residential aspects of campus life with Business Services and Residential Services in order to generate discussion and initiatives that benefit all parties.

RSAB Board Members reside in university housing and are comprised of variant constituent groups on campus.  With the exception of the the Undergraduate Assemble (UA), Sansom Place, and Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GAPSA) Residential Services Advisory Board members, all members are appointed to the RSAB by the Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) through their official annual nominations process.

Click here to view the Residential Services Advisory Board (RSAB) Constitution.

Board Members

  • Harold Benavides
  • Vanessa Dib
  • Johaer Jilani
  • Larissa Klufas
  • Stephanie Yu-Tzen Ko
  • Angela Lao
  • Matthew Lee
  • Claire Medina
  • Regan Mizrahi



  • Evaluated how toilet paper is supplied in the College Houses and considered alternate models.
  • Requested 360 degree videos of different room types be created and posted online for incoming freshmen to learn more about the housing options available to them.

2016 - 2017

  • Recommended a student survey about possible changes to the residential mail system to better understand students' perspectives.
  • Heard a proposal for motion sensor lights in student rooms to reduce energy usage in the College Houses.
  • Heard a proposal for year-to-year room retention in the College Houses.

2015 - 2016:

  • Supported first year international students with their request to move-in 24 hours prior to their orientation for Fall 2016.  If this works well for the first year international students, perhaps it can be expanded to other international students.
  • Supported turning off the Ethernet ports from residents' rooms since most residents stream their programming with the wireless networks in their rooms as opposed to using the hardwired Internet connections.
  • Provided feedback to Residential Services about the restructured room rates and made suggestions for communicating this information to residents during room selection.
  • Recommended installing electronic locks in every College House in order to create more security for the residents as well as reduce the use and need for lock-out keys.
  • Identified a conflict between the timing of RA applications and room selection, and challenged Residential Services to provide an exception for residents whose room selection groups contain residents who are also applying to be RAs.
  • Requested an easier way for residents to gain access to the turnstiles, since there is often a delay when swiping the PennCard at the portals. 
    • Gregory Van Pelt and Class of 25 piloted contactless turnstiles, using Salto technology, during Spring 2016.
  • Recommended making cleaning supplies available to residents in common spaces in order encourage students to clean up after themselves.
  • Shared feedback in order to improve conditions within the residences related to:
    • Package Rooms and Mail for residents.
    • Underutilized spaces in the College Houses and Sansom Place.
    • Facilities maintenance requests (ease of submitting requests; transparency in the process once a work request is received by Facilities; utilizing residents to identify areas of improvement).

2014 - 2015:

  • In response to Comcast's redesign of the CATV network, the VPN provider asked the RSAB to audit the channels currently offered in the residential buildings and review the new channels offered by Comcast, in the event any changes would like to be made.
    • On October 20, 2014, the RSAB voted to discontinue the following channels from VPN: Hallmark; TRU TV; CSPAN2, and in their place, acquire the following channels: BBC AM; Comcast Sports Network; Movie Plex.  Additionally, the RSAB requested that VPN offer more premium channels in HD.
  • In response to residential feedback, the RSAB requested the installation of water bottle refill stations in the College Houses.  Rodin College House served as the pilot, with the installation of a water bottle refill station in the lower lobby in December of 2014.
  • A vending machine containing items other than beverages will be installed Mayer/Stouffer College House alongside the Coca Cola vending machine, per the RSAB's January 2015 meeting.
  • Condoms have been placed in the vending machines that contain items other than beverages in all College Houses, March 2015.
  • The Package Rooms now have staff members to cover break periods, resulting in consistent coverage during regular hours of operation, April 2015.
  • Lock-out keys will now be offered for a period of up to 4 hours, in consultation with each resident, per the RSAB's request, October 2015.

Suggestions and Contact

If you have any feedback about aspects of residential campus life that you would like the Residential Services Advisory Board to discuss and review, please contact us by emailing