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Room Condition

Room Inventory and Condition Review Deadline: September 9, 2019

At Move In, your room should be clean, in good repair and contain specified amounts and types of furniture.
To confirm this to be the case, or to report missing items or pre-existing damage to Residential Services, residents, with all roommates, should make a thorough check of the living space.

After completing this, go to MyHomeAtPenn. Log in with your Pennkey and password, and follow these steps to do your inventory review:

Step 1: Select the “Inventory” tab
Step 2: Select the “Room Inventory and Condition” listed as ready for review
Step 3: Click “Review”
Step 4: Add comments as needed, and when you and your roommates concur with the comments, mark the agree check box for each item
Step 5: When you have finished, submit your review
Step 6: Once submitted, the review cannot be changed


-   For doubles, triples and quads, only ONE occupant may complete the review. Roommates MUST collaborate on the review in order to insure that the completed review reflects everyone's views. 
-   After September 6, the review site will be closed to residents.
-   This process is geared to help you avoid charges at move out. It does NOT report an item for repair.
-   To request repair for a reported item, please visit AiM Maintenance Request, the Facilities Service maintenance request website, via the Penn Portal web page.

Please take special care to note any of the following now, as at the end of the academic year your room will be inspected and you may be charged for items such as:

  • Holes in Walls or Doors (only holes one inch or larger)
  • Damaged or Missing Furniture
  • Ceiling Damage
  • Carpet or Tile Damage (only with sub flooring visible – not frayed or stained)
  • Dirty Rooms or Trash Left Behind
  • Other Major Damage to Room

These items, along with cleaning issues and trash left behind in rooms, are the most common items charged to residents as post-move out damage billing.


  • Keep all furniture supplied *in* your room; do not place unwanted pieces in hallways
  • Keep your spaces clean -- store food appropriately, throw away trash promptly and minimize clutter to keep out pests
  • Use ONLY sticky tack or poster putty when hanging items on room or apartment walls -- no nails, tacks, pushpins, Command strips, or other devices or hardware
If you have questions about reporting move-in repair or furniture issues, please email us at