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Hill College House Move In

Hill College House

Here is a general idea of what you can expect during your first day at Penn!

Transfer, Exchange, and New International Students: Tuesday, August 20, 2019

7 am - 2 pm: Unloading to carts will be done by Move In staff in order to keep traffic moving.

Freshmen: Wednesday, August 21, 2019.

6 am – 7 am: Unloading will be curb side and self-service.

7 am – 8 pm: Unloading to carts will be done by Move In staff in order to keep traffic moving.

What to Expect


Parking regulations will be suspended on Walnut Street between 33rd and 34th Street from 8 am – 8 pm on August 21.

As you pull up on Walnut Street, a member of the move-in team will greet you and guide you to where you will park your car. The move-in team member will provide a parking pass that will allow you to park your car while you unload your belongings. The parking pass will specify check-in location you should go to receive temporary access to your room.

From there, you will be provided a cart to unload your belongings from your car. Move In staff will assist in unloading cars. At least one person must remain with the car at all times.

Once the car is unloaded, Move In staff will bring filled carts to your room. They will also show you where to check in and how to access guest passes for your guests. You will also be able to move your car to remote lots where you will be able to park for the remainder of the day at no cost. Directions to remote lots will be posted to the RHS website in late July.

Checking In:

While your car is being unloaded by our Move In staff, you will present a photo ID to check in and obtain temporary access to your room at the red check-in tent located on the Stouffer Patio.

Guest Passes:

You will be able to preregister your guests from early July to mid-August via Campus Express. RHS strongly recommends pregistering your guests, to minimize wait times during the Move In process. You will be able to pick up guest passes at the check-in tent by presenting photo IDs for each of your guests. If the guests would like to pick up their own passes, they may do as well at any time by presenting their own photo IDs.

You may also obtain guest passes at check-in tents upon arrival.  You and your guests must present photo ID to obtain a guest pass.

Additional Information:

Hill has one elevator that serves all but the lowest level rooms of Hill. There are multiple stairways leading to the residential floors.

Packing in small boxes and distributing weight across these may make moving in easier.

Campus wide operations end on August 25, including parking access and complimentary lot parking.

For all other dates, residents should plan to park and pay at City of Philadelphia kiosk managed spaces and to be careful of parking restrictions and times.