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Report a Problem

Routine repairs: Click here to log onto Facilities Focus
Emergency repairs: Call Facilities Services at 215-898-7208. Residents should identify the repair needed as an emergency.

Routine Repairs

The University’s Division of Facilities Services handles all maintenance, repairs and housekeeping. Residents and staff may request repairs via Facilities Focus or by calling 215-898-7208. 
You must provide the building, floor, room number, specific area in the room or apartment, and needed repair.
Be sure to make a note of the confirmation number and date of your request as provided by the operator at the end of your request.

To report problems with Penn Video Network, contact the PennNet Help Desk directly at 215-573-WIRE (9473).

Emergency Repairs

Call Facilities Services at 215-898-7208. Residents should identify the repair needed as an emergency.
Typical emergency repairs include:

  • Flooding of any nature, from any source
  • Toilet that doesn't flush
  • Immediate health and safety hazards, e.g., sparking electrical outlets or fixtures, broken glass in windows or doors, room keys stuck in doors

Get Additional Help

If you feel your maintenance request has not been adequately addressed, contact your Residential Services Manager at the building's Information Center. They will investigate the status of the request, any special circumstances related to the condition reported, and stay in touch with you regarding resolution.

All maintenance and repairs are to be done by Facilities personnel. Most work involved is covered in collective bargaining agreements. Residents should not perform repairs themselves; repairs done by unauthorized personnel may result in substantial fines and grievance fees to the resident.

Residents should not use over the counter products to unclog drains. This is unsafe for university repair staff and can cause additional damage to plumbing.

Residents are asked to report pest control problems and to refrain from using baits, pesticides, etc.

Residential Services and the Division of Facilities Services reserve the right to perform repairs, preventive maintenance and facility improvements in the interest of safety and comfort for residents and the campus community. It is not our practice to offer rebates or to guarantee reassignments should such repairs become necessary.

We will attempt to notify students about facility or service disruptions. In an emergency, however, this may not be possible.