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Maintenance & Housekeeping

Every room in the residential system is inspected prior to move-in to insure that it is clean, in good repair and furnished with the inventory specified for the room or apartment.

Photo of a College HouseResidents are asked to take good care of their rooms and public spaces: keeping them clean and reporting needed repairs or emergency issues. 
We ask that residents help 
to minimize wear and tear on carpets, upholstered furnishings and wall surfaces. 

Preserving the good condition of the house and functioning of the house systems will make for a more comfortable environment for all residents.

Housekeeping is provided seven days/week (except holidays) for all common areas in the residences, such as corridors, lounges, lobby areas, laundry rooms, and shared bathrooms in the traditional residences.

Maintenance is provided to individual rooms and public spaces as requested, as scheduled by the University, or in response to emergencies  

To request routine repairs for your room or floor, use the work order website (AiM) at

Contact your Info Center and Residential Services Manager for follow up on initial requests and for additional help,

Emergency facilities issues* should be called into Facilities directly:  24-hours a day at 215-898-7208. 

Residents are asked to maintain a minimum level of cleanliness in their rooms, removing trash regularly and cleaning up and disposing of food refuse immediately. Health inspections are conducted regularly to insure that community conditions are maintained throughout the residences.