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Mailbox Locations

How Do I Get My Address & Mail?

Before moving to campus and even once you get settled, you can find your mailing address is in the Housing Assignments section of Campus Express. In this section, you can also find your mailbox number.

Once you arrive to campus, you can get your mailbox combination from your College House’s package room.

Mailboxes for the College Houses are in these locations:

  • Du Bois – Next to the Info Center
  • Fisher Hassenfeld – first Floor of Craig
  • Gregory – Both Van Pelt and Class of ’25 pick up their mail in the lobby of Van Pelt
  • Harnwell – In the mezzanine near the package room
  • Harrison – In the mezzanine near the package room
  • Hill – West end of atrium near the package room
  • Kings Court – first floor of English House near the package room
  • Lauder College House – first floor in the North East corner near the elevators
  • Riepe – first Floor of Thomas Penn
  • Rodin – In the mezzanine near the package room
  • Stouffer-Stouffer – first Floor of D section near the D section entrance
  • Stouffer-Mayer – In the back hallway to the North of the Info Center
  • Ware – Basement of McClelland

Mailboxes for Sansom Place East residents are located on the north side of the lobby.