Each College House and Sansom Place is equipped with laundry facilities with electric washers and dryers in numbers proportionate to the number of residents in the community.

As an added amenity of living in a College House or Sansom Place, there is no charge to do laundry. Residents are asked to be respectful of each other by attending to their wash and removing it promptly when the load is completed. The laundry rooms are intended for the use of residents of the houses and Sansom Place only!

An additional feature of the Residential Laundry program is the Wash Alert system. This web-based program allows you to see what machines are available and in use! Click on the residence urls below to view available washers and dryers. You can even have a text sent to you when machines become available. 

Class of 1925      Dubois       hill       Kings Court English

   Class of 1925 Du Bois              Hill          Kings Court-English

mayer      New College House       Samson Place East         Samson Place West

  Mayer  New College House   Sansom Place East     Sansom Place West

Stouffer     Van Pelt

      Stouffer     Van Pelt

Harnwell      Harrison         Quad         Rodin

    Harnwell        Harrison         Quad                Rodin

Harnwell - Floor 2 Harrison - Floor 2    Bishop/White  Rodin - Floor 2
Harnwell - Floor 4  Harrison - Floor 4  Chestnut/Butcher  Rodin - Floor 4
Harnwell - Floor 6  Harrison - Floor 6  Class of '28/Fisher  Rodin - Floor 6
Harnwell - Floor 8 Harrison - Floor 8  Craig  Rodin - Floor 8
Harnwell - Floor 10 Harrison - Floor 10  Magee-Ashhurst  Rodin - Floor 10
Harnwell - Floor 12 Harrison - Floor 12         Morgan  Rodin - Floor 12
Harnwell - Floor 14  Harrison - Floor 14  Rodin - Floor 14
Harnwell - Floor 16  Harrison - Floor 16  Rodin - Floor 16
Harnwell - Floor 18
Harrison - Floor 18 Rodin - Floor 18
Harnwell - Floor 20 Harrison - Floor 20  Rodin - Floor 20
Harnwell - Floor 22 Harrison - Floor 22 Rodin - Floor 22
Harnwell - Floor 24  Harrison - Floor 24 Rodin - Floor 24

The College House Laundry Room Policies state the following:

  • Laundry rooms are for resident use only.
  • Non-residents found using House laundry rooms could be fined up to $250 or be banned from the House for the duration of the academic year.
  • Residents should monitor their laundry’s progress either in person, online or via text.
  • Residents should remove all clothing from washers and dryers as soon as they are finished.
  • Clothing left in machines may be removed by residents or staff. The House is not responsible for these items. Clothing left for 10 days or more may be confiscated by the House and donated to charity.

The machines are rated “energy star” which means they are energy efficient; they will perform best if you do not overload them with too many items. Likewise, it is a waste of water, energy and detergent to wash only a few items rather than a full load.

The University currently holds a contract with Caleco for providing and maintaining laundry machines in campus residences.

Need Washer/Dryer Repair?

Report any machine problems to The following information will help us resolve problems quickly and prevent further inconvenience:

  • Residence Name
  • Laundry Room Floor
  • Machine Number
  • Description of the Problem