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Residential & Guest Access

Protecting the safety and security of our residents is one of our most important objectives. Our residential security procedures balance access control with resident convenience.
Residents may enter any college house with their Penn ID between the hours of 6 am and 2 am. After 2 am, PennCard access is restricted to "residents only".

A person may bring guests into the residences following the guidelines below:

A Penn host must be verified and approved by the Residential Services Manager at the Information Center, the student staff member at the Information Center, or security guard.
Guests should be prepared to show some form of acceptable photo ID on request, including government issued cards, student photo ID, etc.
Following approval, guests will be registered and permitted to enter. Hosts are expected to remain with their guests.
To better accommodate residents' guests who need repeated access to a specific residence for 1- 3 days, a special guest pass system exists.
Access is renewable, but the resident host must still accompany their long-term guest.
Guest access passes are issued at all Information Centers.
Once a resident has registered a guest and received a pass, guest must display the pass and a photo ID each time s/he enters the residence. Special access requests can be made at any Information Center.
All guests must follow these procedures, including friends, family members and service providers.

Residents who have forgotten or otherwise do not have their PennCards will be expected to have their access verified at the Information Center. Residents should familiarize themselves with access procedures in order to instruct guests appropriately. Residents will be held responsible for policy violations incurred by their guests.