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Ware College House

Ware is one of three College Houses that make up the Quadrangle. It is the largest of the Quad College Houses, with approximately 513 residents. As a First-Year Community, Ware has been 100% freshmen since Fall 2016. At the center of the Quad, Ware is also home to McClelland Hall, with an express grab and go dining location, and mail and package room for the entire quad. The room types are mostly singles and doubles with very few triples.

For more information, please view the Ware College House Website.

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  • General Information
    • Style of Housing: Traditional Dormitory Style, Seasonally Air-Conditioned
    • Number of Residents (excluding staff): 513
    • Number of first-year bed spaces: 513
      • 155 Single Rooms
      • 173 Double Rooms
      • 4 Triple (2BR) Rooms
    • Number of upperclass bed spaces: 0
  • Layout/Floor Plan
    • Click here to view an overhead diagram of the Quad
    • Important Notes:
      • We are unable to offer floor plans for room types in the Quad. If you have questions about your specific room assignment, please reach out to the Housing Assignments Office at 215-898-8271 or
      • All students within apartments or suites that contain multiple bedrooms must be assigned to a specific bedroom (A, B, C, and so on) within the apartment or suite.
  • Room Furnishings
    • Bed (twin extra-long 36x80x6)
    • Desk & Chair
    • Dresser
    • Carpeting in Morgan (Some)
    • Hardwood Floors in most rooms
    • Tile Floors in Butcher and Speakman
    • Blinds
  • House Facilities
    • Common Kitchen: 2
    • Computer Room: 1
    • Conference Room: 1
    • Fitness Room: 1
    • Laundry Room: 2
    • Library: 1
    • Lounge: 7
    • Music Practice Room: 2
  • Program Communities
    • Arts and Well Being (17 Freshmen/17 Total)
    • Penn Women in Leadership (18 Freshmen/18 Total)
    • Research, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (50 Freshmen/50 Total)
    • Study of Infectious Diseases (17 Freshmen/17 Total)
    • Women in Science (13 Freshmen/13 Total)
  • Additional Information