Kings Court English House

Kings Court English College House is home to approximately 316 students, of which 283 are first year students. The room types are singles and doubles, and residents have the convenience of their own in house dining hall. Kings Court English House boasts having the only green roof in the College House system.

For more information, please view the Kings Court English College House Website.

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  • General Information
    • Style of Housing: Traditional Dormitory Style, Elevator Available
    • Will have seasonal air-conditioning in August 2019
    • Number of Residents (excluding staff): 316
    • Number of first-year students: 283
    • Number of each room type (excluding staff):
        English House
      • 2 Single
      • 74 Double
      • Kings Court
      • 10 Single
      • 78 Double
  • Layout/Floor Plan
    • Important Notice:
      • The purpose of these diagrams is to convey general information only. Dimensions are taken from a representative room. Individual rooms may vary in size and amenities. Changes may occur over time that are not reflected in the diagrams.
      • For maximum quality and efficiency when printing these pictures, it is recommended that you save the individual room images to your hard drive and print from there.
  • Room Furnishings
    • Bed (twin extra-long 36x80x6)
    • Desk & Chair
    • Dresser
    • Tile flooring
    • Blinds in Kings Court
    • Curtains in English House
    • Window screens in English House
  • House Facilities
    • Common Kitchen: 1
    • Computer Room: 1
    • Dining Hall: 1
    • Game Room: 1
    • Laundry Room: 2
    • Library: 1
    • Lounge: 4
    • Music Practice Room: 1
    • Seminar Room: 1
    • Green roof with outdoor seating
  • Program Communities
    • Biosphere (12 Freshmen/12 Total)
    • Huntsman Program for International Studies and Business (48 Freshmen/48 Total)
    • Perspectives in Humanities (26 Freshmen/26 Total)
    • Science and Technology Wing (22 Freshmen/22 Total)
    • Women in Computer Science (8 Freshmen/8 Total)
    • Upperclass Leadership in KCECH (0 Freshmen/35 Total)
  • Additional Information