Fisher Hassenfeld College House

Fisher Hassenfeld is one of the three College Houses located in the Quadrangle. As one of the First-Year Communities, it will be composed entirely of freshmen beginning in Fall 2016. The room types are primarily singles and doubles with a few triples.

For more information, please view the Fisher Hassenfeld House Website.

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  • General Information
    • Style of Housing: Traditional Dormitory Style
    • Number of Residents (excluding staff): 456
    • Number of first-year students: 433
    • Number of each room type (excluding staff):
      • 173 Single Rooms
      • 109 Double Rooms
      • 22 Triple (3 Rooms) Rooms
  • Layout/Floor Plan
    • Click here to view Quad layout/floor plans
    • Important Notes:
      • The purpose of these diagrams is to convey general information only. Dimensions are taken from a representative room. Individual rooms may vary in size and amenities. Changes may occur over time that are not reflected in the diagrams.
      • All students within apartments or suites that contain multiple bedrooms must be assigned to a specific bedroom (A, B, C, and so on) within the apartment or suite.
      • For maximum quality and efficiency when printing these pictures, it is recommended that you save the individual room images to your hard drive and print from there.
  • Room Furnishings
    • Bed twin extra-long (36x80x6)
    • Desk & Chair
    • Dresser
    • Carpeting:
      • Baird
      • Fitler
      • Hopkinsons
      • Provost
      • Smith
      • Lippincott
      • Caruth
      • NY Alumni
    • Hardwood Floors: Most Rooms
    • Tile Floors: Class of '28
    • Blinds
  • House Facilities
    • Common Kitchen: 1
    • Computer Room: 1
    • Conference Room: 3
    • Fitness Room: 1
    • Laundry Room: 2
    • Library: 1
    • Lounge: 4
    • Music Practice Room: 2
  • Residential Programs
    • Goldberg Media and Communications: 43 Freshmen/43 Total
    • Music and Social Change: 19 Freshmen/19 Total
    • Policy, Politics and Social Change: 20 Freshmen/20 Total
    • Scientific Adventures: 20 Freshmen/20 Total
  • Additional Information