As we await directive from the University on our fall semester, please know that the information you will find throughout the website is indicative of our 2019-2020 operations. Regular updates will be emailed to you regarding the 2020-2021 academic year. Click this banner for additional information related to the impact of COVID-19.
Studying Abroad

Students Abroad for the Fall Semester

Students may apply for spring housing beginning October 14 at MyHomeAtPenn. Housing is generally available mid-year, although room type availability may be limited. To receive priority, apply by November 10. We recommend that you list multiple room type choices. If you have a particular space you would like to request, you may list that specific room number in the appropriate space. We will try to accommodate requests to live with friends currently on campus if space is available in their room/apartment. Applications are prioritized based on the date submitted. Assignments are typically available at MyHomeAtPenn by mid-December.

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  • I applied for a Fall 2020 study abroad program but am unsure about my status. Can I apply for on-campus housing at Penn for 2020-2021 and cancel without penalty if I am accepted?
    • Yes, you can apply for Penn on-campus housing and cancel without penalty, as long as you cancel by the last day of Spring semester classes (April 29).  If you are accepted to your study abroad program after this date, you must cancel your housing within one week of committing to your abroad program in order to avoid the cancellation fee.
  • I'm studying abroad for the Fall 2020 semester, but I want to live on campus for the Spring 2021 semester. What should I do?
    • If you want to live with specific friends when you return, you have three options:
      1. Find a student who is graduating in December 2020 or studying abroad for the Spring 2021 semester who can participate in Room Selection with your friends in your place. Do not participate in Room Selection 2020-2021. When you are ready to return to campus, submit the Spring housing application instead and request the specific room of the person who is leaving. Make sure that the person who is leaving submits their Request for Early Termination in November 2020, or their room will not become available for you.
      2. Participate in Room Selection 2020-2021 with your friends, but cancel your housing by the deadline. Notify the Housing Assignments Office that you will be returning to Penn in the Spring and would like to return to the room you selected during Room Selection. If possible, the Housing Assignments Office will place a Fall semester exchange student in your cancelled room so that it will be available for you in the Spring. Please note that this option is dependent upon the number of Fall semester exchange students and their room type preferences, and is therefore not guaranteed. When you are ready to return to campus, submit the Spring housing application and request the specific room of the person who is leaving.
      3. If you did not take options 1 or 2, you can submit the Spring housing application and request the specific room you’d like to fill upon your return. Please note that requests are subject to availability and we can make no guarantee of your placement.
    • If you have not identified specific roommates you want to live with when you return, submit the Spring housing application with your room type preferences. The Housing Assignments Office will attempt to place you in a matching room type, but please note that availability at mid-year is limited and room type preference matches and housing in general are not guaranteed.
  • My roommate is planning on studying abroad for a semester during the 2020-2021 academic year, but I am not. What will happen to my housing when my roommate is studying abroad?
    • Don’t worry, you will keep your room! Depending on availability, the Housing Assignments Office will fill your roommate’s vacant bed space. Please note that per the Terms and Conditions, the remaining residents of a partially occupied room are required to accept a new roommate assigned to the space by the University.

Students Abroad for the Spring Semester

Students may apply for on-campus housing for the upcoming year via the Room Selection process that takes place during the Spring semester. You are eligible to participate in all three phases: Program Communities, Return to House (for your most recent House), and Move to Another House. The application information is available in the Returning Students section of our website. Apply and select a room at MyHomeAtPenn at the appropriate time. Please check your Penn email regularly for up-to-date information and reminders. If you miss the Room Selection process, you may apply to the Post Room Selection process at MyHomeAtPenn beginning February 24.

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Penn has an agreement with to provide storage services to our residents. SchoolStorage will store your belongings for either semester and summer, if needed.  However, any arrangement with is between the resident and that company. Please view their information at and contact them directly if you have any additional questions.