As we await directive from the University on our fall semester, please know that the information you will find throughout the website is indicative of our 2019-2020 operations. Regular updates will be emailed to you regarding the 2020-2021 academic year. Click this banner for additional information related to the impact of COVID-19.
Spring Semester Housing

Applying for Spring Housing

Applications for Spring 2020 will be accepted beginning October 14 on MyHomeAtPenn.Photo of a College House

Housing for spring semester is readily available. Because the number of open beds in different room types may be limited, all students are encouraged to list a variety of preferences when applying. Please read the additional tips below for more information on filling out an application for spring housing.

  • Returning undergraduates will only be assigned if one of their preferred room types is available, unless they indicate that they will accept “any” room.
  • Students may request to live with a friend who is already on campus. We will try to accommodate room requests provided there is a vacancy in the friend’s room at the time of assignment.
  • Students returning to campus may also request each other as roommates to be placed together, but it is important to note that multiple open spaces in one room are uncommon in the middle of the year and placement together is not guaranteed.
  • Students with medical accommodation needs are encouraged to apply early and complete the documentation required by November 1 in order for your request to be reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Notification of your housing assignment will be sent before winter break closing, assuming one of your room preferences is available.
  • Once students are assigned a room, there are cancellation fees for cancelling the room. Exchange students are not eligible to cancel their housing per the First Year Residency Requirement. For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions for University Housing that you agree to when applying.

Students returning from a semester abroad

Students who have spent the fall semester studying abroad or in Washington DC and requested that a fall exchange student be placed in their room in their absence should apply using MyHomeAtPenn. The student should request the specific room that they would like to return to on the application. Because fall exchange placement is not guaranteed, it is recommended that the student also request additional room types and locations in the event that the original space is not available. To receive priority, apply by November 10. 

Incoming Exchange Students

Incoming exchange students can submit a housing preference request form at MyHomeAtPenn. All exchange students' Housing Preference Request forms are due December 5. Due to limited room availability, it is strongly recommended that exchange students request a variety of room types and locations to maximize the chances of getting one of their preferences. Exchange students are required to live in on-campus housing and will be assigned to the best available space if none of their preferences are available. For more information on exchange student housing, please click here.