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Return to House

Return to House is for current residents of Three and Four-Year Houses who are interested in returning to their current College House and their prospective roommates. This includes Harrison, Harnwell, Rodin, Gregory, Du Bois, Stouffer, and Lauder College House.

Steps for Return to House

Step 1: Make sure this is the process for you!

  • If you live in and are interested in returning to a Program Community in any House, you should apply during the Program Communities Process. However, since acceptance is not guaranteed, you can still complete the Return to House steps to insure you get a timeslot if you are not assigned during the Program Communities Process.
  • You must be a full-time undergraduate student in a degree granting program for Fall 2020.
  • You must be returning to the same College House or planning to live with current residents of a particular College House. Note that the captain of the group needs to from the desired College House.
  • If you are interested in applying for a 5- or 6-person suite in Lauder College House through Return to House, please review the additional instructions for those suites.

Step 2: Form a group

  • Students are able to form a group of up to 4 people. If you are applying as a single applicant you must create a group of 1.
  • Make sure that you all agree on the type(s) of room(s) you are willing to live in.
  • If you are applying for room types that contain multiple bedrooms, discuss with your group which group members will take which bedrooms. Students must be assigned to specific bedrooms within multiple-bedroom apartments and suites. This is particularly important for students considering room types that contain both private and shared bedrooms, such as a 3 bedroom quad.
  • Students of any sex assigned at birth or gender identity can comprise a group if they all elect to be part of a Gender Inclusive Housing group, which may be selected on the application.
  • Select a Captain for your group.  
    • The Captain must be a resident of the House you are applying to live in.
    • Select a Captain who will be available during the selection dates and times (February 10-12, beginning mid-afternoon).

Step 3: Complete the Room Selection Application and pay close attention to the Return to House steps

  • Log on to MyHomeAtPenn between January 23, 9:00 a.m., and February 6, 1:00 p.m., to submit your application.
  • The Captain must apply first, create a group name and password, and share this information with group members. Group members must apply and join the group.
  • Once all members have joined, the Captain returns to the application to “Verify” the group. This step must be completed or a selection time will not be issued.

Step 4: The Captain selects a room(s)

  • Each group will be assigned a selection time.
  • The group Captain will need to sign in and select a room(s) for the group.  This includes assigning group members to specific bedrooms if the room chosen is a multiple-bedroom apartment or suite.  The Captain can sign in at the assigned time or thereafter.
  • There will be a link on the Residential Services webpage to My Room Selection Preview which will have an updated list of rooms that are still available as well as the number of groups that are still waiting to select.  Prepare in advance for your selection time!
  • The captain can sign in to choose a room during "priority selection" or during "open selection."
    • Priority selection occurs first and allows the best opportunity for your group to select desired rooms. Timeslots occur during priority selection.
    • Only the Captain can select a room(s) at or after the group’s timeslot.
    • The Captain may place group members in one or multiple rooms.
    • The Captain must fill any room selected. Example: 4 students may be placed in a quad, two doubles, a triple and a single, etc.
    • If the group loses a member, the Captain can assign the remaining members of the group.
    • If the Captain fails to select a room(s) for the group, the group members must wait until open selection.
  • If the Captain cannot/does not select rooms during priority selection, any group member from the House may select their own room during open selection.
    • Open selection occurs second and has fewer restrictions than priority selection.
    • Most process rules are lifted during open selection.
    • There are no assigned selection times.
    • The Captain may still assign rooms to group members. All rooms must be within the same building.
    • OR, individual members may select a bed for themselves (and their roommates), as long as they are selecting a room in their current House and their current House is not a First-Year Community.
    • During Return to House, non-House residents may not select a room on their own in a House where they are not a current resident.
    • There is no "fill room" rule. Members may assign themselves to any available bed.