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Applying Post Room Selection

The Rolling Undergraduate application is for students who applied but did not receive a room assignment through Room Selection and for students who did not apply for housing during Room Selection. Students who are willing to accept a variety of room types have a very good chance of being assigned a room. Students applying after Room Selection should complete the Rolling Undergraduate application.

If you currently have a room assignment that you chose during Room Selection, but would like to request a change, please see Room Selection Room Changes.

  • Rolling Undergraduate applications will be accepted beginning March 2 at MyHomeAtPenn.
  • If you applied through Room Selection¬†but did not receive a room assignment and you apply to the waitlist between March 2 and March 6, you will be added to the waitlist ahead of those who did not participate in the Room Selection process.
  • When applying you will be agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Once you are assigned a space your financial obligation begins.¬† You may cancel prior to occupancy but a cancellation fee will be applied.
  • List only room type preferences that you are willing to live in. As soon as space in one of your preferences becomes available, you will be assigned. You will be notified of the assignment. If you check that you will accept 'any' room, you will be assigned to any available vacancy if your room preferences are not available.
  • Stay in touch with the Housing Assignments Office to discuss your status. You may update your room preferences or cancel your application at any time prior to assignment. Once you are assigned a room, you will incur cancellation fees if you cancel your housing.
  • If you find off-campus housing, contact the Housing Assignments Office at or 215-898-8271 immediately in order to cancel your housing application. This will avoid your being assigned a space and having to pay a cancellation fee.