Gender Neutral Housing

Gender Neutral Housing is an option that allows students to be assigned a room without regard to sex or gender identity. Students who request Gender Neutral Housing will be assigned with others making that same request.  Because the room assignment is gender-blind, students may be matched with someone of the same or different gender or sex assigned at birth.  Any room type is available for Gender Neutral Housing.  In addition, if a student has a specific roommate request who is a student of a different gender, that request may be accommodated provided the request is mutual.

Gender Neutral Eligibility and Policies

If you select Gender Neutral Housing, the following are eligibility requirements and policies that you are affirming are true and consenting to follow:
  1. A student must be eligible for University housing.
  2. A student must be 18 years of age. Students under 18 must provide written parental consent in order to be considered.
  3. Freshmen may also request Gender Neutral Housing. If a freshmen is under 18 years of age, written parental consent must be provided. Freshmen will be contacted by Assignments Office staff to discuss this option and the availability of space.
  4. Assignments will be made without regard to the gender of roommates. If no vacancies exist in Gender Neutral rooms, you will be assigned according to your gender in the Student Registration System. Students are invited to contact the Housing Assignments Office to discuss options.
  5. If a vacancy exists in a Gender Neutral room, the Housing Assignments Office will fill the empty bed.  For example, three students requesting Gender Neutral Housing are placed in a triple.  One student cancels their housing.  The vacancy will be filled in one of the following ways:
    1. The Housing Assignments Office will place another student who has requested Gender Neutral Housing in the open bed.
    2. If a roommate cannot be identified, the Housing Assignments Office may require the remaining residents to relocate to another room; room type match not guaranteed. In this example, the students may be moved into another apartment with vacancies or a double.
    3. If the gender of the remaining students matches, then another student of that same gender may be placed in the room.
    4. The Housing Assignments Office, at its discretion, will allow the students occupying the room to pay for the additional space if all agree to the additional charge.

Gender Neutral Housing and Room Selection for Rising Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors

Additional information for returning Penn undergraduate students participating in the Program Communities, Return to House, and/or Move to Another House processes:

You may indicate your interest in gender neutral housing. This will change your assignment gender to neutral for assignment purposes. It will remain neutral until a change is requested. This change does not change your gender in the Student Registration System.

  • Since the priority selection phases of Return to House and Move to Another House require that students fill all of the beds in the room being requested, students requesting gender neutral housing must identify their own roommates. All roommates must request Gender Neutral Housing in order to be assigned to the same room. The housing system will not allow students of different genders to be assigned to the same room unless all students’ assignment genders are neutral.
  • During the general selection phases of Return to House and Move to Another House, students requesting Gender Neutral Housing may only select rooms where others have requested Gender Neutral Housing.
  • A roommate must communicate any plans to room change or cancel their agreement to all roommates as soon as that decision is made. If the remaining residents have another roommate who can fill the vacancy, they must submit the request in writing for review by the Assignments Office within 24 hours of their roommate’s cancellation. Otherwise, the Assignments Office will fill the vacancy as described above.