Room Selection Tips
Below are some helpful hints for successfully participating in the Room Selection process:
  • Be familiar with the process. Do not miss any deadlines.
  • If any of your preferences are suites that contain multiple bedrooms, make sure you know which members of your group will occupy which bedrooms. Students must be assigned to specific bedrooms within multiple-bedroom apartments and suites. This is particularly important for students considering room types that contain both private and shared bedrooms, such as a 3 bedroom quad.
  • Select your Captain carefully. Make sure your Captain is someone who is available during Return to House and Move to Another House live selection.
  • Consider returning to the same College House. Students returning to their current House select before those who want to change Houses. Consequently, the chance of securing your preferred room in on-campus housing is higher in the earlier phases of the process.
  • Be realistic with housing preferences. There are certain room types that are extremely popular and limited in number. Some examples include single rooms and apartments, two-bedroom apartments, three-bedroom triple apartments, and four-bedroom quad apartments. These are often filled early in the process by students returning to their same House.  Have alternate choices as a back-up.
  • Use the information on room counts (prior to the process beginning) and My Room Selection Preview (once the process starts) to assist in your planning.
  • Do not select a room you will not live in. Cancellation fees apply from the moment a space is assigned.  A room change option is available post-selection; however, we cannot guarantee a change can be offered.
  • If you do not select a room because your preferred room types are not available, apply for the upperclass waitlist.  Prime rooms occasionally open up through the cancellation process.

Additional resources to consider: