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Medical Accommodation

Student Disabilities Services, Student Health Services, and Residential Services work closely together to review requests and identify appropriate and available housing. Utilizing the information provided on the Housing Accommodation Request Form and documentation provided by the medical provider, a determination will be made on whether and the extent to which accommodation can be provided. Diagnosis alone does not automatically qualify a student for the specific type of accommodations requested on the housing application.  Depending on room availability, Residential Services will provide reasonable accommodation, but cannot guarantee that your room preferences will be met beyond those required by your approved need.

Freshmen, Transfer, and New Graduate/Professional Students:

Students should indicate that they have a medical need that may impact their room assignment on their housing application. Students must also complete the Housing Accommodation Request Form and provide the required documentation by the health care provider. These forms must be submitted in close timing with the housing application (by May 2 for freshmen and new graduate students; all other new applicants must apply for housing and submit the forms as soon as possible but no later than June 15 for fall and November 1 for spring). Your housing application will not be processed without review of the required medical information.  Please be aware that as the summer progresses space becomes more limited so requested accommodations may not be available.

Returning Students:

If a Housing Accommodation Request Form is already on file, the student should contact Student Disabilities Services prior to the start of the Room Selection process for the next year. Students may be asked to provide updated comprehensive information if needed. If a Housing Accommodation Request Form is not on file, this must be submitted by January 13, prior to the beginning of the Room Selection process. A delay in submission of documentation may impact the ability to accommodate the need.  Housing Assignments may require that the student participate in the regular room selection process to try to obtain their preferred room type. However, if after participating in the process the student's needs are not met, Housing Assignments will work with the student to meet their approved needs.