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Transfer Students

Living on campus is an essential part of the Penn experience.  New transfer students are required to live in a College House and purchase a meal plan their first year of enrollment.

Transfer students may submit a Housing Preference Request Form online after they accept their offer of admission. It may take up to 24 hours before a reply is updated in the housing system.  The Preference Form will be available by logging into the Admissions Applicant Portal.  Any questions can be directed to the Housing Occupancy Office at 215-898-8271 or via email to

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  • Housing Policy
    All first-year students, including freshmen, transfers, and exchange students, are required to live on-campus.
    • The College Houses foster small, intimate communities that provide academic and personal support, as well as many opportunities to meet other students from diverse backgrounds and interests. To support undergraduates in their successful transition to Penn, all freshmen, transfer, and exchange students will be required to live on campus and participate in a meal plan during their first year of enrollment. Exceptions to this policy include students enrolled in the College of Liberal Studies or in the Penn Nursing BSN Second Degree Program.  Exceptions will also be granted for married students, those in a University-recognized domestic partnership, and those living with their dependents.  Requests for exceptions to this policy should be sent in writing with any appropriate supporting documentation to the Housing Occupancy Office,  Requests must be submitted for review by June 15.  Requests for exceptions because of medical need must be submitted through the medical accommodation process.
  • College Houses
    Transfer students may live in any of Penn's Four-Year College Houses or Upperclass College Houses.
    • There are 12 unique College Houses on campus, each offering a different atmosphere and community and designed to enhance students' academic and social lives at Penn. All of the College Houses have a number of dedicated faculty members and both professional and student staff.
    • Each of the College Houses contains different room types and may have different amenities and features. There are three major categories within College Houses: high-rises, low-rises and traditional residence halls. High-rises are 24-story buildings that are similar to apartment-style living - each unit has a private bath and many have private bedrooms and kitchens. Low-rises have fewer floors and most rooms are suites with private bedrooms, bathrooms and common spaces. Traditional residence halls feature mostly single or double rooms with shared bathrooms and lounges. Each room type has a different cost, so it is important to consider our rent schedule when selecting your room preferences.
  • Process and Deadlines to submit the Housing Preference Request Form
    Forms are due June 17 in order to be processed in the first round of assignments.  The Housing Preference Request Form will be available to late applicants until June 26. Those submitted June 18 - 26 will be reviewed and assigned on a rolling basis.
    • Students may access the Housing Preference Request Form online by logging onto the Admissions Applicant Portal. If you have lost your username and password, please follow the instructions on the Applicant Portal.
    • Before completing your Preference Form, please familiarize yourself with the choices available to you in our College Houses and Program Communities. Also review the rent schedule to learn about the room types and associated rates.
    • You must list six preferences as availability of certain room types is limited at this time of year.  We will try to assign you to one of your choices, if possible.  Otherwise, you will be assigned to any available space. Due to a limited number of certain room types, some options will not be available to request on the Preference Form.
  • Roommates
    Incoming transfer students may request one roommate.
    • You may request one incoming transfer roommate.
    • If you are interested in Gender Inclusive Housing, where assignments are made without regard to sex assigned at birth or gender identity, please review the policy and indicate your interest in the appropriate section.
    • Residential Services recognizes that transgender and intersex students may have particular needs for their on-campus living environment. Students are encouraged to contact the Housing Occupancy Office to discuss possible options for best supporting their needs.
  • Special Housing Needs
    Students with special housing needs must submit a Request for Housing Accommodation. 
    • Students with special housing needs because of a serious medical condition or disability should indicate this on the housing application. You must also follow the procedures defined by the Office of Student Disability Services (SDS).  Return the Housing Accommodation Request Form and the required documentation from your health care provider to Student Disability Services within 48 hours of submitting your housing application and no later than June 15. Utilizing the information provided, the Offices of Student Health and Student Disability Services will review and make accommodation decisions.  If it is determined that accommodation is granted, Housing Occupancy will try to respond to the medical need to the extent possible.  We may not necessarily respond to additional preferences not required by your condition. For more information please contact the Office of Student Disabilities Services, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6027, 215-573-9235 (voice), 215-746-6326 (fax),
  • Assignments
    • Your assignment information will be available in late June. More information will be sent to you when assignments are available.