College Houses

Photo of a College House

Fisher Hassenfeld College House

“Public Affairs and Public Culture” is the rubric under which many House activities in Fisher Hassenfeld are created — with a focus on social responsibility — but there is something for everyone’s taste.

Gregory College House

Gregory College House is one of the coziest living environments at Penn, and an inviting alternative to the larger College Houses. Gregorians have private bedroom space and the House is small and friendly enough for everyone to get to know one another.

Harnwell College House

The House calendar is rich with events that cultivate warm and cozy communities within this 24-floor high rise as well as a wealth of artistic endeavors which thrive in the House.

Harrison College House

Harrison regularly brings Penn home to its residents. Harrison Saturday Night guarantees engaging social events every weekend; partnerships with the Penn Art Club, the Penn Cinema Club and various campus groups ensure diversity of programming.

Hill College House

Hill is a vibrant residential community with a special commitment to first-year students.

Kings Court English House

Kings Court English College House is utterly unique in its architecture and character. Students from all walks of academic life find a rich, fulfilling experience here because of the broad range of events.

New College House
The New College House is the first residential building designed to support Penn’s College House vision. Students can live, study, dine, and socialize in state-of-the-art facilities. The room types consist of suite-style living with private bedrooms.

Riepe College House

Riepe’s population is 100% freshman, providing new students with an immediate kinship in their home.

Rodin College House

Rodin College House is close to Philly's bus, trolley and subway lines, supermarkets, the Bridge Cinema and a number of restaurants. Rodin has an exceptionally strong community given its large population.

Stouffer College House

Many people find a close and supportive community in Stouffer College House. Stouffer residents form a unique community which provides a very strong base from which to explore everything on campus.

Ware College House

Ware is a House that constantly seeks new ways to enlighten and engage its residents. The House is buzzing with programs, groups and committees that heighten the experience of being at Penn.

W.E.B. Du Bois College House

W.E.B. Du Bois College House provides a vibrant, supportive environment for the pursuit of African American scholarship and culture. The residents reflect the diversity of the American demographic as well as the international character of the University.