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Internet and Cable

Wireless (WiFi) Services

AirPennNet is the university’s wireless network that provides secure Internet access in campus buildings and residence halls. AirPennNet uses 802.1X network encryption to secure your wireless communications. You will need to configure your device to use Penn’s wireless network before you connect to AirPennNet. Your PennKey user name and password are needed in order to successfully configure your device to connect to AirPennNet.

There is a configuration wizard available to help you configure your device for AirPennNet. When in a campus wireless zone, connect to the AirPennNet-Help wireless network. Next, launch your web browser and you will be routed to a web page that will step you through the configuration steps needed for AirPennNet.

Wireless resources are available for students living on and off campus at Students should check with their schools for specific computing needs related to their academic studies.

Cable TV Services

The Penn Video Network channel lineup provides Penn students with a wide range of cable TV options. See for details.

You may also use the University’s *wired* residential network to access services such as NetFlix, Hulu, Pandora, or iTunes. With products such as Roku, Boxee, and AppleTV, an appliance (or software) is used to connect to the Internet for output to a television set. While the University doesn't provide direct support for these products and services, we are impressed with Roku. Its low cost, ease of set-up, and wide variety of available content services make it a great value.

Penn's residential *wired* network is designed so that it will work well for you. We encourage you to explore these options for receiving video content beyond our cable lineup, and we'd love to hear about your experience in doing so. Just drop us a line at