New Graduate Students

New graduate students interested in housing should apply at MyHomeAtPenn. Please read the instructions below. Any questions that are not addressed below can be directed to the Housing Assignments Office by sending an email to or calling 215-898-8271.


Priority is given to full-time graduate students; part-time students may be accommodated as space allows and at the discretion of the Director.

Space in Sansom Place East is rented to individual graduate students.  Graduate students residing in designated Sansom Place East Grad Plus apartments may share their one bedroom apartment with a spouse, partner, or significant other adult (18 or older).  Families with children cannot be accommodated.  Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for more information.


Tours of Sansom Place East are available upon request. To schedule a tour, please email with your request.

Application Process and Deadlines

1. You will be sent a Pennkey setup code to create your Pennkey and password. You will need your Pennkey and password to apply for housing. If you do not receive your Pennkey setup code, contact your School to confirm you have been entered into the Student Registration System. Note: Some schools (such as Law and Medicine) do not enter students until late May. This should not be a problem if you apply for housing promptly.

2. For Fall Semester, applications will be accepted beginning April 1. For Spring Semester, applications will be accepted beginning October 10. Assignments are made on a rolling basis beginning in April for the Fall Semester and December for the Spring Semester.

3. Please be aware that when you apply, you will be signing an electronic Terms and Conditions to live on campus. Please read the agreement before signing, particularly the cancellation terms. You will be subject to cancellation fees if you cancel prior to picking up keys or moving your belongings into the room. You cannot cancel once you pick up keys or take occupancy.

4. Apply online at MyHomeAtPenn. You will need your Pennkey and password. Prior to applying review the information on graduate housing in Sansom Place and the rent schedule.

5. For Fall housing, check your School's academic calendar to see if your program begins prior to August 24. If so, you may request early arrival. Your request will be reviewed and we will try to accommodate you if your room will be available. If we can accommodate your early arrival request, your rent will begin on the early arrival date requested.

6. If you require special arrangements for medical reasons, please advise us on the housing application. You must also submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to the Office of Student Disabilities Services.  The Office of Student Disabilities Services and Student Health Services must review and approve accommodation requests before your room assignment can be made. You are advised to apply for housing and submit the required forms as soon as possible and no later than June 15.  Please be aware that we begin the Fall assignments process in April, and as the summer progresses space becomes more limited so requested accommodations may not be available.  For more information, contact the Office of Student Disability Services, 3702 Spruce Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA 19104-6027, 215-573-9235 (voice), 215-746-6320 (TDD), 215-746-6326 (fax).

7. If you have a roommate request or are requesting housing for yourself and another adult who will not be a University of Pennsylvania student, please provide their name, date of birth, and email address. Otherwise, roommates are randomly assigned.

8. Enter your room/apartment type preferences. If none of your preferences are available, you will not be assigned housing unless you answer "yes" to the question asking if you will accept any room type.

9. You may request to live in a Special Interest Community where students from the same academic field are clustered in rooms on the same floor. Students from the related field have priority for these spaces until May 15.

10. Once you are assigned a room, the assignment details will be posted at Campus Express. You will need to confirm or cancel your assignment by the deadline provided. You may confirm or cancel through Campus Express. If you are a Spring semester applicant, you do not need to confirm your assignment.