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Graduate Student Move-Out

Moving out can feel overwhelming.  Planning ahead is a good way to successfully meet academic demands while organizing to move out of your residence.

Graduate residents in Sansom Place East must move out of their room no later than Sunday, June 30, 2019 at 12 noon.*

* Graduate residents in Sansom East can terminate their lease early, on June 1, 2019, or can extend their lease for academic reasons.  To submit a request for early termination, log into MyHomeAtPenn and complete the Request for Early Termination Form.  To request a lease extension, send an email to; please be sure to include your full name, PennID number, room number, requested move-out date, and the reason for your extension request.  All extension requests should be submitted by May 1, 2019.

The most important thing to remember at Move-Out is to check out at your Information Center.

Residents must entirely vacate their room and return their key and sign out at their Information Center by the Move-Out deadline.  By doing this, the resident verifies with the University that they no longer occupy the space to which they had been assigned.  The Information Center MUST be both the resident's initial and final point of contact with campus housing.  It is where the official Move-In and Move-Out time is recorded, where keys are issued and returned, and where all transactions are documented.

Click through the list below for additional reminders. Residents can avoid additional rent charges and other unanticipated fines by following these steps.

  • Before You Go
    • Our Before You Go Checklist outlines resident responsibilities to be met before leaving campus. The list also provides practical information about storage options, donation and recycling options, and mail, as well as other service reminders.
    • To avoid damage and cleaning charges, review guidelines for returning your room to Move-In room condition as well as tips on how to avoid late Move-Out fees, what to do if you forgot to return your keys, and what to do if you are interested in an extension.
  • Mail and Parcels
    • To have mail forwarded, you must enter or update your Temporary Address in Penn InTouch. Residential Services will use the Temporary Address you have registered in Penn InTouch to forward all mail. However, if there is not a Temporary Address listed, we will use your permanent address. Mail is not forwarded to points outside of the U.S., per U.S. postal code. If you are traveling over the summer or leaving the U.S., consider registering for our Summer Hold Program.
  • Storage
  • Sustainable Move-Out
    • Move-Out donations to PennMOVES can be made at the donation bin in the lobby of Sansom East. Consider donating gently used items that you can't take home with you, and support local community organizations at the same time.
    • Trash and Recycling: To help you help us stay on top of trash removal, we will provide trash bags at your Information Center. Please remember to close tightly any bags you are removing, and put them in the normal trash locations. Do not leave trash in the hallways or stairwells. This creates a fire hazard and a hazard to safe exiting in the case of an emergency and can negate pest control efforts. Recyclables should be placed in the recycling collection areas or donated to PennMOVES.
    • Residents will be charged for removal of trash from rooms. Trash found in hallways that can be traced to individuals may also result in charges.
    • Cinder blocks, building materials, bricks, and so on should also be removed.
    • Rugs, non-University furniture and large items should be removed. Please do not attempt to dispose of large items in trash chutes.
  • Microfridge Returns
    • Return your Microfridge: If you rented a Microfridge, make sure that it is clean and empty prior to pickup. Information will be sent directly to residents via My Microfridge.
  • Carts
    • There are a limited number of moving carts available. It's a good idea to have a hand truck or similar item to help transport your belongings. Lack of cart availability is not an acceptable reason for moving out after the deadline. Plan ahead and give yourself enough time to move out.
    • Carts may only be borrowed for one hour.
    • Carts must be signed out at the resident's Information Center. Residents may not sign out a cart from a building other than their own.
    • Carts are not to be loaned to off-campus students or previous College House and Sansom Place residents
    • To borrow a cart, the resident should go to the Information Center and provide their PennCard.
    • Charges will be assessed for late-returned or not returned carts.
  • Guest Access to Buildings for Family and Guests
    • All visitors -- service providers and family members -- must be signed in and accompanied by the resident host who arranged for their pass. All visitors must present a photo ID and Penn temporary access card to enter the building.
  • Leave on Time
    • Residents who leave prior to the official end of the occupancy period must have authorization for Early Termination from the Assignments Office to move out. Without proper authorization, the resident will not be released from their Terms and Conditions and will continue to be charged rent.
    • Residents must turn in their room and other residential keys at their Information Center. Failure to return keys indicates that the resident is retaining occupancy of the room, even if the room is vacated. A resident's occupancy ends *only* when keys are returned and check-out takes place at the Information Center.
    • Failure to check out by the scheduled move-out date will result in prorated daily rent charges, move-out fines, and possible eviction. In addition, a minimum of $200 will be charged to cover the cost of changing the room lock.
    • The University is not responsible for belongings left in rooms or storage areas past the move-out date and time. Items not removed at move-out will be removed and disposed of at the expense of the resident.
    • Residents may not return to stay in their room or apartment after they have checked out. Every apartment is checked within the day of check out. Unauthorized residents will face administrative action and additional charges. Belongings found in any room or apartment after check out may be confiscated and disposed of.
    • Move-Out times and dates are firm. They are communicated widely throughout the year and are agreed to at the signing of the Terms and Conditions, and again at Move-In. Residential staff may employ aggressive measures, including lock changes, to ensure compliance if necessary.
  • Leave Your Room or Apartment Clean, Empty, and with Original Furnishings
    • The space should be left clean and broom swept, and all trash and recycling should be removed.
    • Don't forget any of your belongings. Check all storage areas, drawers, closets, shelves, backs of doors, etc to make sure that they are clear of all belongings and trash.
    • Refrigerators must be cleaned and defrosted and left turned to low with the door closed. Stoves and ovens must be cleaned. Rented appliances should be returned to vendors.
    • Residents should turn off all lights, heaters, and air conditioners.
    • Residents should not leave personal belongings, discarded items, or trash in adjacent hallways, even temporarily. Items should be moved to trash or recycling areas as appropriate. Items left in hallways can block egress in the event of an emergency. Items found in hallways or public areas will be considered trash and removed.
    • When one roommate moves out while the other(s) remains, each is equally responsible for cleaning the room(s) so that it is in acceptable condition for new residents. Should residents fail to fulfill this obligation, cleaning service will be provided at the expense of each student. Students are jointly and severally liable for all damage that is caused to the room(s) or any furniture/furnishings/fixtures therein.
    • Residential Services staff inspect every unit after Move-Out for repair needs or missing furniture and to document damage. Residents will be charged for any aspect of room condition that requires repair, replacement or excessive cleaning.