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Staff and Organization

The Department of Residential Services is made up of two distinct units: Housing Assignments and Building Administration.

Housing Assignments

  • Administration of undergraduate and graduate room assignments
  • Coordination with College Houses and Academic Services in room assignment processes
  • Management of system wide room and capacity inventory, room use and associated fees
  • Liaison with University information systems, student financial services and office of the registrar
    Coordinate departmental technology initiatives, planning and support

Sansom Place

  • Lead Sansom Place staff
  • Develop and maintain programs for Sansom Place residents
  • Support
resident needs through education, advisement and community building

Off-Campus Services

  • Provide resources and information regarding off-campus housing options
  • Make referrals to landlord listings

Building Administration

  • Liaison with Facilities Services for housekeeping, maintenance, and other facilities concerns
  • Manage 24 hour Information Centers in each residence. 
Manage external service providers for mail and parcel delivery, laundry equipment, microfridge rentals.
  • Manage large and small construction and renovation projects
  • Provide daily services in each residence: lock out keys, guest sign-in, equipment loan. Respond to front line customer and visitor requests, emergencies and related issues.
  • Coordinate Move-In and Move-Out and housing support to University events
    Oversee residential safety and security, including residential access and life safety systems

The Department of Hospitality Services

The Department of Finance

  • Provides fiscal oversight
  • Manages budget planning
  • Carries out all financial processes
  • Maintaina and process departmental payroll and human resources functions