Housing Enhancements

While we're anticipating the opening of a new College House in 2016, right now we can enjoy the continuing improvements unfolding in the 2013-2014 College House system.

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  • Gregory College House, Phase 2 Renovations

    The next phase of this project will create new and unique community spaces for the Gregory community. While scope is still being defined, the following is planned

    • Class of 1925
      • New laundry room, yoga studio, game room and cafe
      • Renovated greenhouse and kitchen
    • Van Pelt
      • Additional floor lounges, updates to the club room and the addition of bike storage
      • 1st floor of Van Pelt will offer new multi-use spaces with unique furnishings, including a state-of-the-art film screening room for the Film Culture Residential Program, a new game room, large community gathering area with comfortable furniture surrounding a fully equipped kitchen and dining area
      • Work in student rooms will include new flooring, furnishings, bathroom fixtures and surfaces, improved lighting and window coverings and freshly painted walls, doors and trim
    • New landscaping around both Van Pelt and Class of 1925
  • Additional Renovations Summer 2014
    • Harrison: Building-wide fresh paint, new common area furniture and additional furnishings
    • Stouffer: Building-wide fresh paint, new student room furniture, and additional furnishings
    • Kings Court English House: Class of 1938 lounge will be renovated
  • Gregory Keyless Lock Pilot
    • In Fall 2013, doors to resident rooms in Gregory College House were equipped with a keyless lock as part of a pilot of the Penn RFID Project, jointly sponsored by the Divisions of Business Services, Information Systems & Computing and Public Safety. Residents received a key card which was encoded at check-in and associated with the resident's student and room assignment data
    • In January 2014 Gregory Residents will receive new PennCards encoded with the RFID technology, the second group in the Penn Community to have this new technology which transitions from the magnetic stripe currently used on the PennCard, to a card that has an embedded chip and antenna which transmits the Penn ID when it is held within a few inches of the card reader
    • The benefits of card-based access include providing administrators with the ability to enable and disable card access centrally, to collect and manage usage data, and to segregate various levels of access for purposes such as maintenance and inspections, as well as timed periods of the academic cycle

Customer Service Enhancements for 2014

Residential Services is undertaking a number of targeted enhancements to its processes, policies and residential offerings. These projects are based on student feedback and are designed to support students who wish to remain campus residents

  • Gregory
    • Residents are being provided a microfridge in every suite at no charge
  • Harnwell
    • A pilot is being launched to offer free summer storage to current sophomores (determined by graduation year 2016) living in Harnwell College House who return to live in Harnwell next year
    • The program is being offered in collaboration with Schoolstorage.com, an approved local vendor who has been providing storage services to residents for over five years
    • Students will be able to store 5 boxes and receive up to $100 in insurance at no cost. They may purchase additional storage and insurance
  • Changes to Winter Break and Winter Move-Out Policies
    • In partnership with the Office of International Students, Residential Services now provides, when possible, rooms for International Students who which to remain on campus during Winter Break but live in buildings that close. These students are being placed in rooms that are currently empty in our open buildings so that they do not have to find other lodging during the break
    • Students who move to a different room for Spring Semester used to be required to move out all their belongings at the end of Fall Semester and move them back in at the beginning of Spring Semester. Residents can now work with the Residential Services Manager in their building to find a way to more smoothly transition into their new rooms, eliminating the need to entirely move out at the end of the break
    • Extension of Winter Move-Out schedule to accommodate students who celebrate Saturday Sabbath. Additional guards have been added from 4 to 8 so they don't have to move out until noon
    • A new Residential Services Advisory Board has been formed and will meet in January