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About Us

Living on campus is an essential part of the Penn experience. The Department of Residential Services works closely with partner departments to support our residents in their academic endeavors, their personal growth, and their day to day life on campus.

Residential Services is one of five departments serving under an Executive Director of Business Services:

Department of Residential Services

  • Building Administration
  • Housing Assignments
  • Off-Campus Services
  • Sansom Place

Hospitality Services

  • Penn Dining
  • Conference Services
  • University Club

Penn's on-campus residences include 12 College Houses and 2 high rise towers at Sansom Place. We house 6700 undergraduates and graduate students in a variety of room types from traditional double rooms on a community hallway to private apartments with private bedrooms, kitchens and baths.

The University Quadrangle cornerstone was laid in 1895 and marked the origin of Penn's residential campus. Penn's commitment to the essential nature of the on-campus experience is clearly expressed through the dedication of resources to renovations and special projects, as well as innovations in services, technologies and sustainability.

Those first residents of the Quad would not recognize today's residential campus, it's diverse College Houses, and the array of amenities available to Penn students who chose to stay on campus. The memories of times spent at Penn, however, would closely resonate with those of our most recent graduates.