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Surplus Property

Procurement Services supports prudent stewardship of University assets by promoting the consideration of reusing quality surplus items generated on campus prior to considering the purchase of new items.

BEN’s Attic - BEN’s Attic is an online application hosted on the University of Pennsylvania Procurement Services website which provides a service for online auctions/sales or giveaways for departments which have surplus equipment.

GovDeals – GovDeals provides services to various government agencies and Universities that allow them to sell surplus and/or confiscated items via the Internet.

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In case of motor vehicles, the Office of Risk Management is responsible for maintaining title, registration and insurance information for all University vehicles. The selling department must notify the Office of Risk Management whenever ownership of a vehicle is transferred from one department to another, however Penn remains the owner so there is no need to transfer the title only need to transfer the vehicle as an asset. For additional information, contact Endo Mayuko (215) 898.4327 in the Office of Risk Management article describes how Penn and other area Universities operate surplus property programs which promote sustainability using a combination of models including internal sales, charitable contributions, and external sales and auctions