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The supplier portal offers suppliers who have registered several benefits including:

- Secure, online access to self-register their company, manage information, and select payment methods, including direct deposit;

- Access the status of invoices along with information about purchase orders (PO) and payments at any time; and,

- Convenient submittal of invoices online, including PO Flip-to-Invoice capability.

University end users have the ability to submit requests for new suppliers to be added into Penn’s approved supplier database providing goods or services in the Penn Marketplace portal.  Once a request has been filed, suppliers can expect an invitation from Jaggaer, formerly known as SciQuest, to register in the Penn Marketplace portal.  The registration process asks suppliers to provide their tax ID information (W9) as well as insurance, payment, and order information. Suppliers/Payees may update their information within the supplier portal at any time.

As part of the supplier registration process, suppliers can also manage their PO delivery method through the portal. The University offers two options for PO delivery: email, which is the preferred option, or fax. In addition, there is the ability to transmit POs and invoices via cXML. Suppliers interested in doing business via cXML may contact  Currently, supplier access is available only for U.S. suppliers. Non-U.S. supplier profiles will continue to be managed by Penn’s Supplier Support team.

Upon registration, suppliers are also given the option to send invoices to Accounts Payable for processing if they do not utilize the portal’s PO flip or CSV functionality.  The PO number must be listed on the invoice in order to process the payment.

Suppliers are asked to select one of the following payment terms when registering in the portal:

  • ePayables - Penn has partnered with Bank of America to offer a card payment program. This payment method reduces the amount of time to remit payment to suppliers.  Terms are fixed at net 10 days/approved invoice.  Payments will be processed as credit card transactions.  Standard merchant fees will apply.
  • ACH – Automated Clearing House, is an electronic network for financial transactions in the U.S.  ACH payments are made directly to the supplier bank account set up on the Penn portal.  Payment terms are set at net 30 days/approved invoice.
  • Wire – A method of electronic fund transfer.  This method of payment is reserved for international suppliers so that banking information is set up in the Penn portal.  Payment terms are fixed at net 30 days/approved invoice.  Special approval must be granted by Penn Procurement Services for any domestic U.S wires.
  • Check – Penn’s least preferred method of payment.  Suppliers are encouraged to transition to a more efficient and timely electronic payment method.  Payment terms are fixed at net 45 days/approved invoice.
  • Individual Payee – Payment Terms are set to Immediate pay upon receipt of approved invoice.

Payment terms for new suppliers are calculated based on the date of receipt of the invoice in Accounts Payable.

Quick Reference Guides below provide guidance to assist you with any questions you may have with the registration process and other functions on the portal such as PO flipping and invoice payment review.

Supplier/Payee Portal - Entity Registration Guide

Supplier/Payee Portal - Individual Registration Guide

Supplier/Payee Portal FAQs

Contact the Supplier Support team at for further information.

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