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Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America

For more than 50 years, Panasonic Healthcare has earned a reputation for introducing new generation, high performance refrigerators and freezers, all thoroughly tested for reliability and performance prior to market release. Panasonic Healthcare products include Cell-IQ CO2 and O2 cell culture incubators designed to replicate accurate in vitro modeling of precise in vivo environments, cell processing work stations and biological safety cabinets engineered to deliver Class II, Type A2 protection for laboratory processes.

Panasonic Healthcare Products
Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Natural Refrigerants, ENERGY STAR Qualified Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

Using natural refrigerants, the Panasonic Healthcare VIP® ECO 25.7 cu.ft. (729 L) upright ultra-low temperature freezer delivers cost efficient performance with the reliability you demand for security of your most valuable biological samples.

Power consumption at commonly used storage temperatures demonstrates significant energy saving potential in the VIP ECO natural refrigerant platform. Power data is based on internal results of production freezer testing prior to submittal for independent third-party evaluation.

Combined with the high performance VIP thin-wall cabinet insulation and Advanced Frost Control, the VIP ECO increases tolerance for high ambient temperatures typically found in hallways and equipment rooms.

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Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers

Biomedical Refrigerators and Freezers

Panasonic Healthcare biomedical refrigerators and combo refrigerators/ freezers are designed for reliability and strict storage temperature uniformity suitable for demanding standards across a variety of fields and applications. The high performance units come in a range of sizes with temperatures that range from 2°C to 14°C in refrigerators and -15°C to -30°C in freezers. Biomedical refrigerators from Panasonic Healthcare are ideal for laboratory, vaccine and pharmaceutical use. Freezer models are designed for long- or intermediate-term storage while combos offer dual temperature zones and separate refrigeration systems for demanding applications.

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CO2 and Multigas CO2/O2 Incubators

Panasonic Healthcare offers a wide range of CO2 and multigas incubators built for reliability and performance. CO2 and multigas incubators deliver a precisely controlled environment with time-saving decontamination for minimal downtime. InCu-saFe® copper enriched stainless steel alloy interiors offer passive contamination control by combining the germicidal properties of elemental copper with the corrosion and discoloration resistance of stainless steel. This passive protection combines with active contamination control systems like the SafeCell UV lamp to eliminate unwanted surface and airborne contaminants.

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Biological Safety Cabinets

Biological Safety Cabinets

Panasonic Healthcare Biological Safety Cabinets (BSCs) are designed for ergonomic comfort, practical management of service utilities and front-access filter changes. Ideal for low-to moderate-risk hazard areas in research, drug preparation and product operation, BSCs meet NSF 49 criteria and NSF/ANSI 49 UL/UL-C standards for safety and performance. Chambers are made of single pieced, 100% stainless steel to ensure against leaks, safety and durability. An adjustable base allows for sitting or bench work and meets ADA requirements for accessibility and comfort. Four standard sizes allow for maximum flexibility in new or replacement installations.

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