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About Millipore
Millipore (NYSE: MIL) is a Life Science leader providing cutting-edge technologies, tools, and services for bioscience research and biopharmaceutical manufacturing. As a strategic partner, we collaborate with customers to confront the world’s challenging human health issues. From research to development to production, our scientific expertise and innovative solutions help customers tackle their most complex problems and achieve their goals. Millipore Corporation is an S&P 500 company with 5,900 employees in 47 countries worldwide. For more information, please contact Millipore Tech Service at 1-800-548-7853 or 951-676-8080 or visit www.millipore.com.

Product Spotlight

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Milliplex MAP kits for multiplex biomarker detection

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Chromatin IP kits and ChIP-validated antibodies

Cell Biology Learning Center

Visit our learning center where you'll find detailed protocols, news on the latest research advances, and user-friendly guides to our vast selection of products for cell culture, cell function analysis, protein research, and stem cell research. A leader in cell biology research, Millipore is the single source for your entire workflow, including robust cell lines, optimized media and cultureware, gene transfer and expression reagents, cell migration assays, and epigenetic and pathway analysis.

Cell Culture and Stem Cell Product News

Scepter Handheld Automated Cell Counter

Scepter™ Handheld Automated Cell Counter

Millipore's Scepter cell counter is designed to count cells in an easy-to-use, handheld format. Now you can liberate yourself from the microscope and avoid the tedium of manual counting. The Scepter cell counter provides histogram data on cell populations; measures cell concentration, cell volume, and size; and offers insight into cell health. With its microfabricated, precision-engineered tips, the Scepter cell counter does all the work—at a price that’s more affordable than automated bench-top counters.

Magna ChIP Kits

Magna ChIP2™ Kits

ChIP-chip takes regular chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) to the next level with genome-wide microarray analysis of ChIP-isolated DNA. Millipore's Magna ChIP2 DNA microarray kits are accessible and affordable, with optimized reagents and validated protocols suitable for both the novice and experienced user.

RIP Kit Illustration

RIP Kits and Antibodies

RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation (RIP) is the RNA analog of the more well-known chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP); it can be used to identify RNA molecules that are associated with nuclear or cytoplasmic binding proteins. Millipore provides wide selection of RIP products, including the user-friendly Magna RIP™ kit, validated RIPAb+™ antibody/primer/control sets, and antibodies against a variety of RNA binding proteins.

EpiQuant Technology

MILLIPLEX® EpiQuant™ Kits

EpiQuant kits offer a Luminex®-based approach for profiling phosphorylation changes across signaling pathways and cell phenotypes. These multiplex kits use the same bead-based sandwich assay format as our popular MILLIPLEX kits, but they use samples that have been proteolytically digested, making both total and phosphoprotein detection possible in the same assay.

Stericup Filter Units

Stericup® Filter Units

These high performance filter units are ideally suited for sterile filtering cell culture media, buffers, and reagents. Stericup filters are available with a selection of membranes to best meet your application needs; they are sterile and ready-to-use, with fast flow and low protein binding.

Sustainability at EMD Millipore Fact Sheet

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