Gene Services
  • Gene synthesis with industry-leading codon optimization
  • Express Cloning: Choose from 151 popular free vectors to get expression-ready clones for just $49/clone
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ORF Clones
  • Expression-ready clones starting from $99
  • Custom cloning into you vector of choice for only $50
  • Mutant clones from $149
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CRISPR Services
    Validated CRISPR products, services and resources:
    • gRNA database
    • CRISPR plasmids
    • GeCKO and SAM libraries
    • mammalian cell line genome editing
    • microbial genome editing
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Peptide Library Services
  • Ideal for protein studies, epitope mapping, proteomics, and many other applications
  • Flexible purity and quantities available at economical prices
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Protein Services
  • Recombinant E. coli protein production:
    -Guaranteed amount & purity PLUS price match
  • Mammalian antibody expression service:
    -Rapid gram level expression
    -Transient and stable options in CHO or HEK cells
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Application-Guaranteed Antibodies
  • Need antibodies that actually work for your own applications: Western Blot, IF/flow cytometry, IP/ChIP, IHC, functional assays?
  • Get your Ab custom made with GenScript MonoExpress™ Premium services.
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    Get innovative solutions to your research problems. Topics include:
    • Molecular cloning
    • CRISPR design and applications
    • Peptide design and assays
    • Protein expression
    • Antibody generation and drug development
    • and much more
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Technical Resource Center
    Resources to make life in the lab easier:
    • Bioinformatics tools
    • Design tools & guides
    • FAQs
    • Webinars
    • Peer-reviewed publications
    • and much more
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