Frequently Asked Travel & Procurement Questions Related to the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak
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Departmental Contracts

When a supplier contract is required for a specific transaction, Purchasing Services works with the ordering department and supplier to reach agreement on all terms and conditions.  In certain cases, Purchasing Services will consult with partner organizations such as the Office of the General Counsel and Office of Risk Management.

For the simplest contracts that do not require negotiation, Purchasing Services will typically be completed and executed within 3 business days. For more complex contracts or those that require extensive negotiation, Purchasing Services will work with the ordering department to manage timing expectations.

Unless authority has been granted to an individual by the Trustees, only Purchasing Services has the authority to enter into a purchase agreement or otherwise obligate the University.  In all cases, agreements are to be signed by an authorized Purchasing Services staff member in advance of any commitment to purchase to a supplier. Individuals signing purchase agreements on behalf of the University violate policy and increase their own risk of liability on the agreements themselves.