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Student Program Card

The JPMorgan Chase (JPMC) Student Program Card is a University authorized payment method for a wide-range of student uses defined by your department or program. It is ideal for entities such as House Deans or Student Groups when you cannot create a purchase order or use personal credit cards for your requirements. Student club leaders/presidents/coordinators are the best candidates for the Student Program Card.

The JPMC Student Card compliments the BEN Buys Purchasing System, the University’s primary authorized buying methods. As such, the Student Program Card can only be used by the authorized cardholder for club and student related expenses. The Student Program Card is NOT to be used for the purchase of general products and services.

Use of the JPMC Student Program Card is a privilege granted by the University, and as such, will be revoked and disciplinary action taken in the event of abuse, inappropriate or fraudulent use, or failure to perform required cardholder administrative duties.

About the Student Program Card

The JPMC Student Program Cards have been designed to support the specific needs of College House and Student club programming initiative planners.

  1. Who is eligible for a Student Program Card? JPMC Student Program Cards are for authorized staff/student members who facilitate student and club activities on an ongoing basis. Each School and Center Senior Financial Officer is responsible for identifying the correct individuals within their organization and managing the distribution of the card and reconciliation process.
  2. Who is not eligible for a Student Program Card? Staff members that do not meet the criteria of the Student Program Card designation and who organize student club activities for which they can use Purchase Orders or purchasing card.
  3. What limits are included in a Student Program Card? The limits for the program include:
    • Monthly spending limit
    • Monthly cash withdrawal limit
    • Transaction limit
  4. Who sets the spending limits? The spending limits are set by the School/Center Financial Officer managing the program at the department level.
  5. What types of charges are appropriate for Student Program cards? Student Program cards can be used for student and club activities as an example:
    • Pizza and other delivered food activities and events
    • Taking your students to dine at a restaurant
    • Grocery Store Purchases
    • Snacks and Such
    • Local Transportation - Septa, Taxi, Bike Share
    • Theatre, Sporting Events and Performing Arts tickets
  6. What types of charges are NOT appropriate for Student Program cards? Student Program cards are not to be used for:
    • Alcohol
    • Equipment and office supplies
    • Independent Contractors
    • Personal care items for personal use
    • Books for personal use
    • Mailings
    • Automatic reoccurring charges (ex. Subscription charges)
    • PayPal
    • Gift Cards, Gift Certificaes and Gift Coupons


Program Card Reconciliation Process

  • Monthly Statements: Each cardholder is required to run monthly statements and can be retrieved online within PaymentNet application. The University's online transaction card management system. The cardholder is responsible for collecting and keeping supporting documentation/ and receipts. Please check with your business office for specific process instructions.
  • What is supporting documentation: Each purchase should have a receipt which needs to be attached. Each cardholder should submit the detailed backup from the hotel or venue which breaks down all the charges. The detail should support the amounts listed on the statements.
  • Who will pay the Student Program Card bill: Student Program card transactions do not require any action on the part of the cardholder. Suppliers are paid by the card-issuing bank for these transactions. On a weekly basis the Departmental Student Program Card coordinator will reallocate charges in BEN as necessary.
  • Who should a cardholder contact if there are any additional questions: Please direct all questions to the University’s Card Program Administrator.

Student Program Card Application Process

For more information, please contact the University Card Program Administrator.