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Fleet Fuel Card Program

The Fleet Fuel Card Program is to be used for authorized fuel and maintenance costs associated with operating a University owned vehicle. It is not for personal use. Full liability for payment rests with the University. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to use the card appropriately. The card will ensure that the University captures its tax exempt status and related cost savings while maintaining and fueling our vehicle fleet. Mandatory biennial refresher training sessions are required to retain one’s fleet card.

The Fleet Card complements the BEN Buys Purchasing System, the University’s primary authorized buying method. As such, the Fleet Card can only be used for fuel and maintenance for University owned vehicles. At no time is a Fleet Card cardholder permitted to use their fleet card for personal purchases. Use of a Fleet Card is a privilege granted by the University, and as such, will be revoked and disciplinary action taken in the event of abuse, inappropriate or fraudulent use, or failure to perform required cardholder administrative duties.

About the Fleet Card

  • Card use will result in significant cost savings.
  • Delegates vehicle fuel and maintenance purchase authority, responsibility and accountability to authorized staff at the point-of-demand.
  • Reduces the administrative cost associated with processing purchase orders, suppliers invoice and University checks.
  • Complements the University’s eProcurement system and Purchasing Card program.

Program Administration

The Fleet Card Program is managed by Purchasing Services.

Fleet Card Administrator
Phone: 215-898-3606
Suite 440A, 3401 Walnut Street

How to Use the Card

  • Each individual driver will be assigned a unique 4 digit driver ID (Pin#).
  • Drivers will swipe their card at the pump. They will then be asked to enter their driver ID, as well as provide an odometer reading.
  • If the ID is correct, the card will then be authorized to fuel/pay
  • Swipe, ID, Odometer, Go!

Cardholder Monthly Audits

Each monthly, the Fleet Card Program Administrator will randomly select a number of cardholders and visit them to conduct a formal review of their card activity, required documentation, and compliance with policies and procedures.