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Amazon Business Account FAQs

Amazon Business FAQs

What is Amazon Business?

The Amazon Business account is a centralized Penn account for all Purchasing cardholders, which streamlines the ordering process and provides additional benefits for University purchases.


What Product Categories are available to purchase?
Through Amazon Business you will have access to  items available on the standard site, plus additional business-specific items along with millions of items offering lower business pricing and quantity discounts.  For items such as office supplies, computers, computer perifpherals, course materials, lab supplies etc., continue to use  the Penn Marketplace and Penn’s network of preferred contract supplies as the first stop for supplies and resources.

What are the implications of the non-compliant warnings on Amazon Business?

The following category purchases on Amazon Business are non-compliant with Penn Purchasing processes and should follow the suggested procurement recommendations.  


Office Supplies, Computers/Tablets, Computer Peripherals, Promotional Goods, Lab Supplies

Category Warning: This item is in a category for which Penn has an existing preferred contract supplier relationship. Please ensure that you have considered all options with Penn’s preferred suppliers prior to purchasing this item.


Category Warning: Barnes and Noble is Penn’s designated provider for all institutional purchases of required, recommended and suggested course books, course packs and similar materials (whether new or used). In practice, this requirement means that when the course materials are purchased using Penn funds, they must be procured from Barnes and Noble via the Penn Bookstore.

Gift Cards

Policy Warning: Gift card purchase and issuance are governed by University policy. Purchasers are advised of the importance of understanding the implications and issues related to the purchase, issuance, and use of gift cards (including, but not limited to, taxable employee compensation, conflict of interest, and appropriate use of University funds. It is the responsibility of the purchaser and distributor of gift cards to understand and adhere to all University policies pertaining to gift cards.


When is my invitation to Amazon Business Sent to me?
For a new cardholder, the Penn Amazon Business email invitation will be sent the month following the pcard application being processed.

How do I create my Amazon Business account?
Access Amazon Business by clicking the link directly from the registration email you receive. The first time you access Amazon Business, you will be prompted to create an Amazon Business account. Use your email address and enter a password. (Please note your password does not need to be the same as your central Penn account.)

Can I use my email address to make PERSONAL purchases?

If your email address is already associated with an account, you will have the option to split off and transfer any purchase history to a separate account. You will be prompted to enter a new, personal, email address (e.g. or


If you are unsure of how to activate your account or use Amazon Business, please see the attached reference guide  link or the accompanying videos; Get started with Amazon Business.

If I previously used my email address to register for an Amazon Business account how do  I transition to the centralized Penn Amazon Business account?
If you previously used your email address to register for an Amazon Business account, you will need to de-register that account. All previous, stand-alone, Amazon Business accounts will be consolidated under the University'new, centralized account . Visit to complete the de-registration process before accessing Amazon Business for the first time.

Can I use the Penn Amazon Business account for personal use?
The central Penn Amazon Business Account must be used for business purchases only, in accordance with the University’s purchasing policies.  No personal purchases are to be made through this account.  The Penn Purchasing team will have access to all purchasing history made through the centralized Amazon Business account.


I have a Prime membership on my personal Amazon shopping account. Can I share this membership with my Amazon Business account for my organization?
Yes, you may share the membership.  Please refer to the instructions on this page.


I was charged sales tax on my order even though my Amazon Business account is  configured  for tax-exempt purchasing. How do I obtain a refund?
Sales tax may be applied to items purchased from non-Amazon sellers. If your item is sold or fulfilled by Amazon, you can request a tax refund directly from Amazon by calling customer service at (866) 486-2360. If you purchased your item from a 3rd-party seller, go directly to Orders on the site, find your order in the list, and click Contact Seller. Please allow the seller two business days to respond.


If I’m a student and have a Pcard, can I have both an Amazon business account and a student prime membership account with my UPenn email?

Yes, you can have both, an Amazon business account with your Pcard and an Amazon prime membership using your Penn email account. You can have the two different Amazon accounts with your Penn email by having two different passwords when you log in. Your student prime account is free for six months.

When you create the account you will see a message stating that you already have an Amazon account. Click on “Create a new account anyway”. This will give you access to your student prime account with a personal credit card and a different password to log into your Amazon student prime account with your UPenn email.

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How do I contact Amazon Business Customer Service?
Amazon Business Customer Service can be reached at 866.486.2360 from 8 a.m. to midnight EST, seven days a week.